Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother Jones: Sexist and pro-war

It was supposed to be a good thing when Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery took over Mother Jones.  Two women, at the very least, would mean Mother Jones would be responsive to women writers.

Except for the one they published who attacked a rape victim -- to defend KBR, let's be very clear on that -- there have been no women writing pieces MoJo chose to promote.

Let's repeat that, two women in charge of Mother Jones 'great accomplishment' is an attack on a woman who says she was raped, an attack that clear KBR -- not via any investigate work mind you but via mind reading.

Mother Jones used to do investigative reporting.

Under Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery?  Not so much.

Now they feature pundits for the Democratic Party passing off propaganda as journalism.

The tiniest dick in the circle-jerk just got published by the two girls -- don't call those useless bitches "women" -- because . . .

Well why?

Because Ezra Klein, fired by the Washington Post (for his circle-jerk ways, as he damn well knows and chooses to conceal from the public), knows TV?

He doesn't know a damn thing nor does he cover it.

He lies and fumbles and I'm sure whatever idiots read or 'read' Mother Jones today will be impressed -- it takes so little to impress the uninformed and uneducated.

But Ava and I have covered TV since 2005 and the lies at the heart of his piece are glaring.

He pretends to want to write about cable.

But he doesn't.

He writes a defense for MSNBC.

MSNBC is in the toilet.

He wants you to know that's because we're in a boring time -- excuse me, "unusually dull period."


Iraq's exploding.

That's dull.

To tiny dicked Ezra it is -- put a pin in that, we're coming back to it.

MSNBC is in the toilet.

But really, it's just further in.

Keith Olbermann, before he imploded, did bring a sizable audience to MSNBC.

But he imploded and no one since has delivered ratings the way he did.

Certainly not Rachel Maddow who starts each program attempting to exhaust the viewer as she drones on in that smug manner.

MSNBC has been struggling for years now.

It just gets worse each year which is why the last months have seen high profile firings and, guess what, there are more to come.

Never hired a tiny dicked boy whose faced is pressed against the window to analyze an industry he knows nothing about.

Little dick wants to pretend that this is an off period for MSNBC.

There hasn't been a good period since Olbermann left.

There was okay.

Then there was worse.

And then worse.

And then worse.

It was always predictable.

It's what happened to Air America Radio.

The network started off with a variety of programs and this did include Democratic Party organs (Al Franken's show), centrist War Hawks (Rachel Maddow who championed the Iraq War and insisted the US had to stay in Iraq while posing as left on Unfiltered) and real independents -- Janeane Garofalo and Laura Flanders.

Not Sam Seder.

Sam Seder got in bed with the DLC and the left looked the other way.

That was the first indication that he could not be trusted.  His little pillow fight with Simon Rosenberg.

Janeane wasn't on that episode.  If she had she wouldn't have embraced Rosenberg.

(Rachel Maddow, in the same week, did not embrace Rosenberg.  Rosenberg was then very hostile to gay rights and that's always been the line in the sand for Rachel.)

But Janeane and Laura were independent.

And the story of Air America Radio, the real story, the true story no one talks about, is how you silence those independent voices.

Sometimes Janeane can admit what happened to her.  Face to face, there are times when she can admit it and grasp that it was planned.  Other times, she wants to pretend that Sam and others could never have plotted to remove her from her own show, that no one she trusted could be that awful.

And Laura?

Laura was the brave and independent voice even more than Janeane.

Laura brought on the guests -- Saturday and Sunday nights -- who couldn't get traction in the MSM -- sometimes couldn't get covered by our independent press.

So how to silence her?  How to put her on a leash?

Enter Katrina vanden Heuvel.

A 'savior.'  Or posing as one.

She'd ensure the continuation of Laura's show -- at a time when other shows on the radio network were in trouble but, point of fact, Laura's wasn't.

So Laura's show switched titles.

It became Radio Nation with Laura Flanders.

And once that happened, Laura found out that the 'help' she was to receive was nothing but control.

She should write about what happened, about how Katrina then dictated who would be on the show and who would not be.  Insisted that an entire show each week would be devoted to 'covering' The Nation magazine -- independent radio would now be an infomercial for The Nation magazine -- that centrist, Democratic boot licking house organ.

And a number of people hope I never publish all the e-mails documenting this.  Not e-mails I wrote.  E-mails The Nation wrote, e-mails the plotters against Janeane wrote.

Every now and then some idiot will e-mail the public account about how we need to be supportive of The Nation or The Progressive.

No, we don't.

Those outlets won't save the left.  Nor do they exist to.

They exist to deceive and distract.

Which is why the two bitches of Mother Jones are featuring little Ezra today.

He's filling in for Kevin Drum.

The two bitches don't promote women.

They don't think, "Oh, Kevin's out sick this is the perfect time to bring in women bloggers."

(To be clear, this isn't sour grapes.  I wouldn't write for any of those crap ass rags.  I know how damaging they are, I know their trickery.)

And if you're a feminist -- male or female -- you should grasp that every time a woman could be hired by Mother Jones, they're instead pimping another man.

And if you give a damn about the Iraq War, or ever did, you should be asking yourself not only why 'antiwar' Mother Jones hired pro-Iraq War cheerleader Kevin Drum in the first place but also why they've hired Iraq War cheerleader Ezzie Klein today?

It supposedly matters who was right and who was wrong about the Iraq War.

The always compromised FAIR insists that pundits shouldn't be allowed to be on programs today if they were wrong about the Iraq War.

Now that's how they feel about right wingers who were wrong.

But they won't take on the hires of Mother Jones.

They're silent there.

Because even a so-called media watch dog like FAIR knows the money dries up the minute they out the reality of 'independent' media in the US and how it's not about serving the people but serving the Democratic Party.

And that's why the US remains in the Iraq War.

And that's why MSNBC and others are so uninterested in that reality now that Barack is in the White House.

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