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Chris Hill inflicts himself on Iraq again

The Pig-Pen Ambassador

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "The Pig-Pen Ambassador" from April 5, 2009 commenting on Chris Hill's confirmation hearing (see the March 25, 2009 snapshot and the March 26th snapshot )

Chris Hill, the embarrassment who managed to make things worse in Iraq is back today.

He's sharing more 'insight' because . . .

well because he's just so full of it.


No, just full of crap.

He writes:

Since the crisis began, much has been made of whether Iraq’s Shia leaders – particularly former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his successor, Haider al-Abadi – have done enough to reach out to the country’s Sunni minority. Though Sunnis account for only around 20% of Iraq’s population, they play an outsized role in determining the country’s fate. They have been a key element of Mesopotamia’s ruling classes for centuries, and their sense of entitlement is palpable. Moreover, aside from Syria, Sunnis rule every Arab state, including where they are a minority (as in Bahrain). 

He's just so full of it.

Here's Michael Lipka writing at Pew Research a year ago:

While it is widely assumed that Iraq has a Shia majority, there is little reliable data on the exact Sunni-Shia breakdown of the population there, particularly since refugees arriving in Iraq due to the conflict in Syria or leaving Iraq due to its own turmoil may have affected the composition of Iraq’s population.
The few available survey measures of religious identity in Iraq suggest that about half the country is Shia. Surveys by ABC News found between 47% and 51% of the country identifying as Shia between 2007 and 2009, and a Pew Research survey conducted in Iraq in late 2011 found that 51% of Iraqi Muslims said they were Shia (compared with 42% saying they were Sunni).

Yes, Chris Hill really is that stupid.

Which is why we objected to his becoming the US Ambassador of Iraq when he attended his confirmation hearing.

Despite weeks of briefings, it was clear he didn't grasp any basics about Iraq.

Kirkuk, for example, was just an old fashioned land dispute.

According to Hill, that is.

He was an idiot -- and a sloppy one.  His hair is sticking out all over -- if he had a comb, he didn't know how to use it and how about that food stain on the front of his shirt.

This is how he shows up to testify before a Senate Committee -- one determining whether or not he's going to be the next ambassador.

Chris Hill's preening ego helped sink Iraq.

He got his itty bitty feelings hurt that the press liked to quote Gen Ray Odierno, then the top US commander in Iraq.

He whined to Barack Obama and Joe Biden and they instructed Odierno to stop talking to the press.

This did not result in more press coverage for Hill because no one liked to talk to him.

He was a known liar, he was fond of baseless projections.

In fact, when he left Iraq in early August 2013 (Barack fired Chris), he gave an interview to Anthony Shadid where he insisted that it was mere weeks before a power-sharing agreement (The Erbil Agreement) would end the ongoing political stalemate.



It would be November 10th before that agreement was signed off on and in place.

Hill fought with Odierno because Hill hated Iraq and hated Iraqis.

The White House looked the other way while Hill was trashing Iraq and Iraqis . . . in public in Iraq, in front of Iraqis.

They looked the other way repeatedly.

Odierno warned them, ahead of the March 2010 elections, that he was concerned about a scenario in which Nouri came in second in the results and refused to step down.

Hill had no such concerns.

Then Iraq voted.

And Ayad Allawi's Iraqiya bested Nouri's State of Law.

Nouri stomped his feet.

He demanded a recount.

He still came in second.

And he refused to step down.

So for eight months, things came to a standstill.

And the White House sided with thug Nouri.

In part, they did so because of Hill's argument that Iraq had to have a strong man to suppress the people in order to keep them in line.

Hill helped destroy Iraq.

And he can't leave it alone.

Today, he's written a bad column full of lies and errors and, even at it's most basic, how many Sunnis are in Iraq? -- even on that, he can't even get it right.

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