Monday, August 03, 2015

Protests, bombings, dead civilians, it's Iraq

Protests continued in Iraq on Sunday with Iraqi Spring MC noting protests in Basra, Babylon and Nasiriyah.

  • Meanwhile Airwars maintains US-led strikes on Iraq and Syria have killed between 489 and 1,247 civilians.

    Killing people is big business, as Kate Brannen (Daily Beast) explains:

    The war against ISIS isn’t going so great, with the self-appointed terror group standing up to a year of U.S. airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.
    But that hasn’t kept defense contractors from doing rather well amidst the fighting. Lockheed Martin has received orders for thousands of more Hellfire missiles. AM General is busy supplying Iraq with 160 American-built Humvee vehicles, while General Dynamics is selling the country millions of dollars worth of tank ammunition.

    SOS International, a family-owned business whose corporate headquarters are located in New York City, is one of the biggest players on the ground in Iraq, employing the most Americans in the country after the U.S. Embassy. On the company’s board of advisors: former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz—considered to be one of the architects of the invasion of Iraq—and Paul Butler, a former special assistant to Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld.

    On the topic of air strikes on Iraq, Al Bawaba notes that the Turkish government is denying that their bombing of northern Iraq has resulted in any targeting of civilians:

    Turkish armed forces have rejected all allegations that it targeted civilians in recent airstrikes in northern Iraq.
    Referring to some media reports that claimed several civilians were killed and injured during an airstrike by Turkish jets in Zargala village in northern Iraq, the military in a statement rejected the allegations and clarified that the airstrikes only targeted members of "separatist terrorist organization," the statement said.

    Too bad for them, there is photographic evidence to the contrary.

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