Monday, September 21, 2015

Chris Matthews lies again, Tommy Christopher fails as a media critic again

The never aware media 'critic' Tommy Christopher attempts to take on Chris Matthews continued revisionary history regarding the Iraq War.  (We last tackled this topic in 2012.) Christopher's best point is noting how MSNBC has ensured that all of Chris Matthews war whoring moments have vanished.

Tommy Christopher attempts to recreate one of the creepiest moments ever aired on American TV: When convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy and Chris got giddy over Bully Boy Bush's private parts.  The two tried to hide behind women and pretend that this was what women would say.

But no women were present.

Just G. Gordon Liddy and Chris waxing on about Bully Boy Bush's package.

One middle-aged man, one elderly crook, drooling on national television in a lustful moment.

Christopher quotes from Media Matters (without crediting) and who knows why Media Matters presented the tame version they did (Liddy looks the fool but they end their transcript before Matthews gets to blast his load).  James Wolcott does a much better job in his book Attack Poodles covering the spectacle of Liddy and Matthews drooling and suggesting, "To borrow a line from the late Marvin Mudrick, the two of them should take a cold shower, preferably not together."

At Vanity Fair (Wolcott writes for the publication), you can find this by Wolcott:

It was the rough-diamond glory beheld by Karl Rove in his first glimpse of George Bush that would be later tricked out in cowboy-flyboy getup to bedazzle the entire world in Bush’s flight-deck victory stroll after the invasion of Iraq—the “Mission Accomplished” rooster strut. “He looks great in a military uniform. He looks great in that cowboy costume he wears when he goes West,” Chris Matthews proclaimed on May 1, 2003, intoxicated by the deus ex machina cool of the First Dude. A week later, the afterglow of Bush’s photo op still steaming the goggles, Matthews hosted one of the most breathless testosterone effusions ever heard on cable news, with guest ogler and convicted Watergate felon G. Gordon Liddy kvelling over how the president’s parachute harness had boldly outlined the picnic basket of his “manly characteristic,” letting us in on a big little secret: “You know, all those women who say size doesn’t count—they’re all liars. Check that out.”

If Tommy Christopher takes offense that I don't take him seriously as a media critic (they're very sensitive at Mediaite and fond of using the company e-mail to complain), let me put him wise.

He's whining about bad TV (the disgusting Bill Maher's disgusting HBO trash).

And he's whining what the guests gas bagged over.

He lists the guests: Chris Matthews, George Pataki, Mark Cuban and Jorge Ramos.

If Tommy could take his hand off Little Tommy for a moment and try typing with two hands, he might grasp that's not a good line up.

In 2015, Tommy and Little Tommy, women have a place at the table except on Bill Maher's crap-ass show.

Equally true, Tommy and Little Tommy, Jorge was right to call Barack out on immigration and maybe next time an Anglo White like Tommy might grasp that Jorge has covered the immigration issue a great deal more than Tommy's covered . . . well . . .  anything.

A so-called media critic who glorifies, in 2015, an all male panel isn't much of a TV critic, isn't much of anything but an embarrassment.

Kat's "Kat's Korner: Faux feminist Judy Collins plays Where The Boys Are yet again" went up yesterday -- Tommy and Little Tommy can study it closely to learn how to do an actual critique.

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