Tuesday, September 15, 2015

War Planes and Bombs (believe it or not) still don't bring peace

War planes.

June 19, 2014, US President Barack Obama declared the only solution to the various crises in Iraq was a political solution.

Somehow "political solution" morphed into dropping bombs on Iraq.

All Iraq News notes the US-led Combined Joint Task Force announced Monday that they carried out "18 air strikes in Iraq and four in Syria" on Sunday.

This is supposed to be 'progress.'

But all these bombs dropped?

They're more apt to remind everyone of the lesson taught them by the children's fairy tale: "And all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again."

Or as Aretha sang (and wrote) in "All The King's Horses" (first appears on her Young, Gifted and Black album):

The walls started shaking
I heard love crying out
Happiness is giving away
Security is coming down

He fell, I fell
And all there is left to tell

Is all the king's horses
All the king's men
Couldn't put our two hearts
Together again

Somehow this destruction Barack's overseeing is supposed to help the Iraqi people.

You're never supposed to think too hard on that or the reality of his 'plan' becomes clear.

The way it did today when, Iraqi Spring MC notes, 3 civilians were killed when War Planes dropped bombs on a popular Anbar market.

Air Wars estimates between 575 - 1,601 civilians have been killed in Iraq and Syria as a result of the coalition airstrikes.  (The Anbar deaths were likely caused by Iraqi planes dropping bombs.)


That's all Barack can offer today.

Remember when he was running for the presidency in 2008?

If you forgot, from the campaign site:

The Obama-Biden Plan

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will responsibly end the war in Iraq so that we can renew our military strength, dedicate more resources to the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and invest in our economy at home. The Obama-Biden plan will help us succeed in Iraq by transitioning to Iraqi control of their country.

The Iraq War goes on and many critics question the "responsibly" adjective to the actions Barack's taken.

Judgment You Can Trust

In 2002, Obama had the judgment and courage to speak out against going to war, and to warn of "an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences." He and Joe Biden are fully committed to ending the war in Iraq.

Undetermined costs?

Like the ones in the bombing campaign?

When he's going to provide the American people with even the sticker price for all of his bombing and 'training' in Iraq?

Need more laughs?

Surging Diplomacy

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will launch an aggressive diplomatic effort to reach a comprehensive compact on the stability of Iraq and the region. This effort will include all of Iraq’s neighbors -- including Iran and Syria, as suggested by the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group Report. This compact will aim to secure Iraq’s borders; keep neighboring countries from meddling inside Iraq; isolate al Qaeda; support reconciliation among Iraq’s sectarian groups; and provide financial support for Iraq’s reconstruction and development.

Where's that diplomatic surge?

Never showed up, did it?

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