Thursday, October 22, 2015

Before you say 'things can't get worse' . . .

Really real, for reals this time, the Iraqi forces have reclaimed Baiji.

And  the refinery there.

Iraqi forces have been fighting to reclaim it since April.

And, really real for real, they finally have control of it.

Really real.

  • I love the second reTweet by Alex M -- how the Islamic State "can't permanently deny an area."  I guess that's true.

    If you forget that they still control Ramaid.

    And have for the same length of time.

    Or if you ignore Mosul -- which the Islamic State has held since June 2014.

    Hey, here's a thought.

    If you were the Islamic State, which is supposedly only tens of thousands in Iraq, and the Iraqi military and thug militias were finally showing that they might maybe fight and not just throw down their weapons and run as they've done so many times before, do you think you might stage a fake out?  Pretend to leave and circle back?  Either days later or weeks?

    Who knows?

    In Anbar, the Iraqi military and thug militias can afford to wait it out, I guess.

    Iraqi Spring MC reports that they have seized homes from over 1,300 families.

    Well at least things can't get any worse, right?

    Oops.  Too soon.

  • The peaceful Iraq.  That's what the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq has been hailed as being for years now.

    And yet now even that section seems at risk.

    Well US President Barack Obama, in June 2014, said the only answer for Iraq's crises was a political solution so thank goodness, a year and four months later, he's spent that time and resources working on the political solution.

    What's that?

    Oh, right.

    He forgot it in August when he just wanted to use the US military as his own personal set of toys.

    He just wanted to drop bombs on Iraq.

    On war torn Iraq.

    And he never bothered with any political solution.

    So Iraq's worse off than it was in June of 2014.

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