Friday, October 30, 2015

Blix slams Blair


[Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Exit the Poodle" depicting Tony Blair.]

This week found CNN providing War Criminal Tony Blair with a platform for lying yet again about the Iraq War.  He blamed the intelligence -- spy work, not his own stupidity -- on the war and offered his version of a non-apology which was no apology at all.

The non-apology was rightly slammed throughout the world.

"He's not really sorry at all," declared former British MP and former Blair confidant Clare Short.

Blair's lies were called out as well.

And, today, the charge of liar continues.  Press TV reports Hans Blix has weighed in:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair misrepresented military intelligence to secure approval to invade Iraq in 2003, said the former Head of the UN inspection team, Hans Blix.
 Blix noted that the intelligence gathered was not accurately represented by Blair adding Blair’s claims about WMD were “not supported by evidence.”
“Blair asserts that there were weapons, well that’s an assertion and it was not supported by evidence…They misrepresented what we did and they did so in order to get the authorization [for war] that they shouldn’t have had,” he said.

Blair has many problems in England where people attempt to make citizens arrests and his public appearances are jeered.

Which is why he'd come on American TV to make his non-apology and spread his lies -- BBC interviewing Blair would have pushed back on his lies.

And when you think about that, his cowardice, it's even more appalling.

He was the leader of the United Kingdom and yet when he's trying to pretend to apologize he refuses to face the media in his own country and instead high tails it to the US for a soft interview with one of his friends.

As noted earlier, the Ashraf community at Camp Liberty has yet again been attacked.  We;l note this Tweet which puts faces on the dead.

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