Friday, October 16, 2015

Eleanor Smeal supports killing civilians in The Drone War

Eleanor Smeal believes in The Drone War.

She believes in killing and then killing some more.

Because Eleanor believes in War.

She's a 'publisher' who will never publish an expose like The Intercept has.

She's a 'publisher' who lies for officials.

  1. To manipulate drone numbers, Obama adm calls all victims "enemies killed in action" when their identity is unknown
  • New docs: "Nearly nine out of 10 people who died in airstrikes were not the Americans' direct targets," by
  • Full story revealed of how Bilal el-Berjawi had his citizenship revoked by UK so he could be killed by a US drone

  • The secret process of how Obama chooses which people will be put on their assassination list, by

  • She's not bothered by The Drone War.

    She and her little chic-lettes at Ms. magazine support the killing of civilians.

    They support with their silence and their endorsement of war (if you're new to the topic, refer to "Eleanor Smeal, Ms. magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation embrace war").

    She calls herself a publisher but when she's not lying, she's endorsing war.

    Well no real surprise there, right?

    They pimped a song that glorified the battery of Tina Turner.

    In their shameful pursuit of celebrity, they endorsed a song glorifying the abuse of Tina Turner, glorifying terrorism against a woman.

    So it's not like Eleanor Smeal ever  had a lofty perch to fall from, she's always been down in the gutter.

    And now she's dragged Ms. magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation down into the gutter beside her.

    She'll never note the civilians killed in The Drone War in Afghanistan because she's too busy embracing war.

    The useless rag that is now Ms. magazine will continue to foam at the mouth in lust over Jennifer Lawrence's every move but it will never offer anything of real value.

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