Saturday, November 14, 2015

Allison Hickey

Allison Hickey?

A number of e-mails continue to come in on Hickey.

Are we going to cover it?

It being what we said all along.

Allison Hickey is gone from the VA.


She should have been forced out long ago.

Even now, the press doesn't want to connect her to the con game, the shell game, that made it appear the backlog for claims had been significantly reduced.

It hasn't been.

That was a shell game.

Every now and then the press gets a little brave and notes the numbers aren't quite correct.

That's about as much bravery as they can manage.

But what were we supposed to write here when she was forced out at the middle of last month?

"I was right."

Again, we covered her.

(And we ran several press releases last month on her downfall.)

"You're not answering the question."

Remember that remark in a 2012 hearing?

We covered it.

Corruption was her downfall.

Big surprise?

Not at all.

Not if anyone bothered to pay attention.

Check the archives and you'll also find that her biggest Congressional critic on the Democratic side predicted she'd leave the VA and that she'd leave in disgrace.

Again, Hickey's fall and disgrace is only a surprise if you weren't paying attention or you were a press whore who refused to report accurately what took place.

And that's the other thing.

We spent years here and at Third calling for Hickey's resignation.

And we told the truth about her.

Now that she's resigned, most press outlets served up the weakest versions of her downfall.

So again I was going to have to do the heavy lifting?

To tell the truth about a corrupt official whose connection to illegal bonuses for VA employees was the final nail in her professional coffin?

I've got more on my plate and don't have the time to rush and fix every press lie in the world.

Hickey's a crook.

We established that in one report after another on Congressional hearings.

We provided her lies and then we explained how they were lies.  We repeatedly called her out.

And the press usually just treated her as the voice of wisdom and truth.

Having done the heavy lifting over and over, I'm really not in the mood to now yet again do the work for reporters who are paid to do a job but choose not to.

If you're waiting on the snapshot, I'll be dictating it starting in about twenty minutes so it should be up in about an hour but there are so many e-mails on Hickey still coming in that I'm offering this on the subject and then consider us done with it unless I bring her up with regards to Barack's awful record with regards to veterans.

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