Monday, November 23, 2015

The product of media selling war and the bulk of the left staying silent

Americans now support troops in Iraq and Syria. (Unless/until actually sent.)
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So that's what happens.

Not just when fear is used -- and the media has yet again used it to sell war.

But also when people are too chicken s**t or whorish to speak out.

Can't call out Barack Obama because he's your golden boy, your own personal toddler who just might, even at this late date, surprise you by walking all on his own.

Hasn't lived up to anything he promised but The Cult of St. Barack just knows the little fellow will walk and go to potty all by himself someday.

Looking less and less like that will happen before he finishes up his second term but how they hope -- how they hope.

And the left collapses and Iraq suffers.

Lara Logan did a hideous report on CBS' 60 Minutes last night.

She probably wants -- and maybe deserves -- credit for reading a US cable to a thug -- a cable that documented his crimes against humanity.

But everything in front of that moment and after was shoddy and embarrassing.

(Lara does grasp that the group she last reported on in Iraq -- back in April -- is the same group she ignored in her awful report, right?)

To be clear, I'm not accusing her of bias, just of shoddy reporting.

And let's make that 60 Minutes as a whole because alarms should have gone off before that 'report' aired.

It's so bad that you have to wonder whether access to the thug was granted only after she agreed to omit certain details?

And how much credit does she get for asking him about the US cable documenting his murderous ways when she ignores the fact that he refused to let a commercial flight land in Iraq because it had refused to wait an hour or more for his spoiled rotten son to get his lazy ass to the airport?

That's part of the graft and corruption and went completely ignored.

Even though they Shi'ite militias are demanding more money -- another detail she failed to note in what played like an advertisement for the Shi'ite militias.

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