Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More US troops to Iraq

While flying to Paris yesterday, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter talked with reporters. Dan Lamothe (WASHINGTON POST) reveals the chatty Carter declared that more US troops will likely be headed to Iraq ("The president has indicated that wherever there is additional opportunity to make a difference according to the strategy, we'd be willing to do that") and that this is due to the 'success' in Ramadi.

The 'success' isn't a 'success.'

Iraqi forces are still trying to clear the area of the Islamic State.

Victory was declared before it was earned.

Secondly, as photos of the area demonstrate, the real 'winning' fighter in that battle was . . . War Planes.  US war planes bombing Ramadi.

The city is in ruins.

It is so bad that Iraq's Shi'ite and Sunni leaders are saying no battle can result in the 'Ramadi option' again.

 But a whorish press in the US has allowed the lies of Ramadi to stand so Barack can claim that he's building on 'success.'

A whorish press.

I'm referring chiefly to the 'independent press,' the beggar media that repeatedly insists on donations because of the 'important work' that they do -- whoring for Barack.

THE NATION, THE PROGRESSIVE, PACIFICA RADIO, et al never got to the point where they could successfully call out Barack.  They'd offer a whisper for a week or two before rejoining the Cult of St Barack and ignoring reality.

Which is how we get the garbage at CounterPunch yesterday about how Barack was hawkish (was?) but that was when Hillary was in the administration and, since she left, the level has lowered.


Ed Snowden's no longer being sought for criminal charges?

The Drone War ended?

The White House has stopped backing a Shi'ite based government that publicly persecutes Sunnis in Iraq?

Here's John Walsh playing an idiot and pretending to be Bernie Sanders delivering a speech:

I also note in fairness to Barack Obama, that his administration, since the departure of Secretary Clinton, has moved, however gingerly, into more peaceful waters where she did not wish to sail. The opening to Cuba and then to Iran and some signs of a developing détente in the meetings of Secretary Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov are testimony to that. They did not occur while the belligerent Hillary Clinton was at the helm of State.

Cuba's not being 'rewarded' or 'honored.'  This is the beginning of another reign of exploitation and only ahistorical idiots can't grasp that.

Just like they can't grasp that Hillary was always someone the faux left could criticize.

So while she was in the administration, they directed all their scorn at her.

Barack didn't get better after she left, there was just no one left that faux lefties felt comfortable criticizing.

TELESUR reports:

Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq, trained and equipped by the United States, are allegedly razing Arab towns liberated from the Islamic State group. A human rights group is accusing the armed forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of carrying out a deliberate campaign to prevent the return of Arabs to towns in Iraq once occupied by the Islamic State group, a practice it says may amount to war crimes.

We'll note that in the next snapshot.

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