Monday, January 11, 2016

The shallow minds

Tabloids are not known for deep thought.

So it should be no surprise that the best moment in England's DAILY MIRROR report is the headline which includes "Pentagon Claims."

In the text, it's off to the speculation treated as fact races.

The Pentagon claims approximately 2,500 Islamic State fighters were killed last month in Syria and Iraq.

If true, if, so what?

Has it destroyed the Islamic State?


Because the conditions that created the Islamic State remain.

And the attacks only drive up recruitment.

It's as though, despite the media hysteria over terrorism of the last 15 years, no one's learned one damn thing.

Dennis Ross, of all people, tries to play the grown up in a piece at POLITICO.

His ability to do so is hampered by . . . his being Dennis Ross.

He can't see reality because he's too busy lamenting the lack of full on war on Syria and whining that 'lessons from Iraq' prevented the White House from acting (more).

With that kind of 'leadership,' it's no wonder the US is still stuck in two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan).

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