Friday, February 12, 2016

Haider al-Abadi sells Iraq's future to the highest bidders

Years from now, will the Iraqi people look back and see Haider al-Abadi as the person who sold them into financial slavery?

Or will they just see nonsense like this and think, "Good for Haider"?

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  •  How sweet.

    Germany and Angela Merkel are offering Iraq aid, a gift, of $566 million.

    Uh, no.

    Link to headline article

    It's a loan.

    Part of the reason Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani may have made his recent announcement that he will no longer be using Friday sermons to comment on the political situation in Iraq?

    Because no one listens.

    No one in the government anyway.

    He has long (and vocally) opposed Iraq getting into debt with the IMF but Haider's gotten cozy there.

    Now Haider wants to take more money that will have to be paid back.

    The Iraq War was about oil and it was about markets.

    It was about grabbing the oil, yes.  It was also about destroying the state oil machine and freeing the various elements of Iraq's oil industry up to international corporations.

    And it's been about turning it away from a state economy.

    Why the hell does it matter to the US government if some Iraqi man or woman is getting some free rice, tea and milk from the Iraqi government each month?

    It shouldn't.

    But damned if the US government hasn't tried to destroy that aid repeatedly.

    And as Iraq takes on more and more debt, it also takes on dictates, commands, about how it must alter its economic structure.

    Haider's destroying the country.

    On aid for reconstruction?

    He could shame the international community into doing what's needed with donations that never need to be repaid.

    He could also learn to tighten the belt -- starting with the perks the officials receive.

    Iraq's financial situation is not dire.

    They are not Ethiopia or another country that struggles constantly.

    They have oil.

    Even now, they make billions each month.

    And so much money is wasted on items that are not needed.

    Case in point, Gareth Jennings, London (IHS JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY) reports, "Iraq is considering the procurement of 'a small number' of MiG-29 'Fulcrum' aircraft to augment its fixed-wing combat capabilities, Russian media disclosed on 10 February."


    Is the Islamic State flying around Iraq in combat helicopters?


    So this goes to what?

    How cowardly Iraqi forces are?

    Or their generals?

    To 'storm' Ramadi, they needed what, ten times the number of Islamic State forces estimated to be in the city?

    And bombs dropped by the US?

    How weak are they?

    And Mosul?

    Seized in 2014 and still controlled by the Islamic State?

    How pathetic are you?

    You're going to let a terrorist group seize a city and control it for two years?

    How pathetic are you?

    Now, please note, once the forces go in the Shi'ite militias are suddenly 'brave' enough to terrorize the civilians.

    Because that's what cowards do -- puff out their chests and threaten the innocent.

    Cowards just don't take on terrorists.

    It's past time that the world stops babying Iraq and saying, "Oh, good forces, you're almost ready, you're almost ready."

    Get ready.

    Stop being so damn pathetic and so damn useless.

    Mosul's been held by the Islamic State for almost two years.  The Iraqi government should be ashamed of itself.

    It has left the citizens of Mosul at the mercy of terrorists for nearly two years.

    In what way is that cowardly and pathetic government -- made up mainly of exiles who fled the country when Saddam Hussein was in charge because they were too cowardly to take on Hussein -- in what way is that cowardly and pathetic government serving the citizens?

    It's not.

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