Thursday, February 18, 2016

On Trump, Iraq, and opposing the illegal war (illegal and ongoing war)

THE ATLANTIC has long accused Donald Trump of being loose with the truth or less than honest when he says he was against the Iraq War from the start.

So I'm less than amazed or bothered by their recent coverage.

But I do find it interesting how, following last Saturday's debate where he denounced the Iraq War, denounced Bully Boy Bush and even stated 9/11 happening on Bully Boy Bush's watch didn't indicate national security bonafides, following all of that, suddenly so many in the press want to question Trump on Iraq.

Again, THE ATLANTIC has been doing so all along.

But these new outlets piping up?


It's a little bit personal for them, isn't it?

Having sold the illegal war.

Having enshrined Bully Boy Bush as a leader.

My own thoughts on Trump and Iraq?

I started speaking out publicly against the Iraq War in February 2003.  A month before it started.

A number of voices silenced themselves after the war started.

I have no idea where Trump falls.

I have met many people who, in the fall of 2004, for example would speak out and say they were opposed but, for whatever reason, they were silent.

Guess what?

I listened to that.

I didn't cross examine them or ask for proof.

I'm against the Iraq War -- the ongoing Iraq War.

If someone was against it, I was just glad their voice was joining the growing chorus.

It's a disaster, today, it is a disaster.

I'm not voting for Trump -- that's been noted all along, I can't stand him -- but I'd say he does more right now denouncing it than Hillary with her idiotic 'I can fix it with my three point plan' nonsense.

I'm criticizing news outlets here.

Not blogs or bloggers.


The blogs and bloggers are whores.

That's reality.

Bob Somerby won't touch the topic of Iraq today.

He won't note how stupid bombing Iraq to 'defeat' the Islamic State is.

He won't critique Barack's plan or 'plan.'

Nor will the other idiots and whores.

Nor did they stand up when Nouri al-Maliki's government openly declared war on Iraq's LGBT community.

If that had happened under Bully Boy Bush, DAILY KOS would have gone on the topic non-stop, for example.

But they're whores, cheap, tacky whores.

They only care about the Iraq War when it can be used against the other side.

So when Barack is sworn in, they became the worst, they became as bad as the right-wing under Bully Boy Bush which went around insisting there was "success" in the illegal war.

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