Monday, March 28, 2016

Iraq, Sally Field and more

  • Community member Marco asked if we could note this:

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    My heart breaks for you

    Sure and we can note another actress, Sally Field, as several of you have in e-mails.

    Sally's a talented actress.

    Just not a smart one.

    A smart person doesn't, for example, rush to turn DYING YOUNG into a film and, if they do, they certainly aren't stupid enough to cast the charisma-free Campbell Scott as the male romantic lead.

    Sally's been a tool of government propaganda in her career as well -- see NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER.

    But her latest stupidity falls squarely on her own soldiers.

    She delivers a strong performance in MY NAME IS DORIS.

    The film has finally received a (limited) US release.

    She should be urging people to see it.

    Instead, she's running them off.

    How so?

    By showing up on TV when she's supposed to be promoting the film and insulting Bernie Sanders' supporters.

    That's real smart, Sally.

    Exactly who does she think is going to buy tickets to her low budget film?

    To listen to her babble on, not Republicans and not Bernie Sanders supporters.

    Endorsing one candidate is fine.

    Insulting others is just stupid.

    Sally's pretty stupid.

    All the more so when you consider her Emmy speech that was censored when she said "G** damn" during it as she raged against the Iraq War.

    Remember that?

    How women would save the world -- Oops, that's not true.

    She said "mothers."

    So not all women, mind you, just "mothers."

    She raged against the Iraq War.

    And who's she supporting?

    Hillary Clinton.

    Guess the Iraq War doesn't matter all that much to her anymore.

    She's a hypocrite and a stooge.

    Most of all she's an idiot and the studios don't have time for aging actresses with no popular support.

    Sally's never been box office.

    She's been popular in popular movies.

    She can't deliver an audience all on her own.

    And now she's supposed to be promoting a labor of love and is instead shooting her mouth off in a such a way that, if you don't support Hillary, you have no desire to see her film.

    This won't be forgotten.

    Sally's infamous for holding a grudge so you'd think she'd be aware that others have long memories too.

    Others include those who do the hiring.

    And there's never a reason to cast some idiot in a role if you know said idiot is going to 'promote' a film by trashing everyone.

    Again, she's never been able to deliver an audience.

    She's not Goldie Hawn or Jane Fonda who have fans who will turn out for the films regardless of what the films are.  (DECEIVED, a strong thriller, was not a Goldie Hawn fan's idea of a Goldie film, but they still turned out to see it in enough numbers to keep it from bombing.)

    BACKROADS, KISS ME KATE and so many more speak to the fact that Sally has no natural base when it comes to ticket buyers.

    A smart actress would be out there promoting the film, not stirring up hate.

    The news from Iraq this morning is about the Parliament giving Haider al-Abadi until Thursday to present his choices for a new Cabinet.

    Maybe by this afternoon, the same outlets will note that he's lacking the Constitutional power to redo the Cabinet?

    If not, maybe they'll at least note that, for example, Goran has declared 20% of the posts must go to Kurds.

    Right now, you've got bad 'headlines' posing as reporting.

    I'm really not in the mood to link to the garbage.

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