Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Bernie's got the economy and fairness on his mind

  • Congress must pass legislation to close corporate tax loopholes, so we can create the millions of jobs we need.
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    In a 2011 speech, Bernie Sanders predicted the revelations of the Panama Papers 👴 🔮 🇵🇦
  • You can’t be a domestic company only when you want to enjoy our legal protections. You've got to also pay your fair share of taxes.
  • I am pleased that the Treasury has announced new rules to block profitable American companies from gaming the system to dodge U.S. taxes.
  • NEWS: Sanders Applauds New Rules to Curb Corporate Tax Dodges
  • I opposed the Panama Trade Agreement because, as the Panama Papers show, it helped the rich evade US taxes.
    Bernie Was Right to Oppose the Panama Free Trade Agreement
    Bernie opposed the 2011 Panama Free Trade Agreement because he was worried it would increasingly allow wealthy Americans and large corporations to stash their money in offshore tax havens.
  • Big banks acted as American as apple pie when they needed our money in 2008, but when it’s time to pay taxes, they’re proud Panamanians.
  • Offshore tax havens are nothing but legalized tax fraud and the fiscally responsible thing, and the just thing, to do is to eliminate them.

  • Congress must eliminate tax code loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid billions in taxes each year through offshore tax shelters.