Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is running for the Green Party's presidential nomination.

  1. It's hard to imagine that Hillary's "there is much more that unites us than divides us" is true when "us" includes corporations. 👫💵👭
  2. lol at everyone who thinks i don't intend to vote just because i don't intend to support clinton or trump. voting Green Party
  3. Advocacy of is an advocacy of self-destruction hidden in a mirage of short-term gains that's really just profits for corporations💰
  4. Free higher public education pays for itself by a seven fold margin, as we saw with the GI bill following WWII. Let's invest in our future.
  5. Edward is a hero & not only should he be allowed to come home, but he should be brought home with a hero's welcome 🎉
  6. Green Party presidential candidate thinks Edward Snowden deserves a hero's welcome, not handcuffs
  7. Jill Stein, the Greens and the two-party system
  8. : You know today's going to be awesome when likes one of your tweets. Thanks for your amazing literacy work.
  9. We need more teachers in public office, not more corporate board members. Wisdom can be taught but not bought. 🍎
  10. Attn & friends: Demand a place for the nominee in the fall debates. Don't let be silenced.
  11. Countries w/ proportional representation, which include most Western democracies, have significantly higher voter turnout.
  12. Republicans have long been recognized as unabashed servants of the economic elite, but candidates like Hillary prove they're not alone.