Thursday, September 08, 2016

Clinton promises more of the failed status quo. Trump has no ideas

Jill Stein is the presidential nominee for the Green Party.

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    Fed up with the rigged political system? Want real democracy? Stand w/ me for !
  2. We need a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission to get to the bottom of the crisis of systemic racism in America.
  3. We're livestreaming now with me, and from the People's Church of : tune in at
  4. Clinton promises more of the failed status quo. Trump has no ideas. This is why 76% of Americans want !
  5. My running mate and I will be livestreaming our rally starting soon!
  6. We will double Social Security benefits to lift seniors out of poverty. We can pay for it partly by ending the regressive SS tax income cap.
  7. The already super-wealthy shouldn't be the only ones who benefit from economic growth. We need to un-rig the economy.
  8. We need to build wealth from the bottom up by supporting worker ownership, small business, and worker and community cooperatives.
  9. We are livestreaming an protest at Clinton HQ but some aren't seeing it on our Facebook page. Link:
  10. Democracy defenders demanding at 's NYC office right now!
  11. We're gearing up outside Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn HQ to raise hell about the sham DNC/RNC-controlled "debates".
  12. People in are tired of being thrown under the bus by corrupt Dem politicians. Vote Green, not machine!
  13. Calling all Chicagoans: I'm holding a rally in the Windy City TONIGHT:
  14. ND is the first state to legalize armed drones. This is a move toward police state tyranny.
  15. Rally with me tonight, !
  16. . says 16M Americans are food insecure. I say let's raise food stamp benefits + raise the min. wage to $15/hr.
  17. ND is another example of our rights & land being stripped away. It happening across this country and the world. It's time for real change.
  18. My advice for and ? Invite me + onto the debate stage.
  19. I . The eliminates the need for pipelines that carry dirty fossil fuels.
  20. What would our policies domestic and foreign look like if human rights were the foundation on which we built them?
  21. Water is life. and I stand with these water warriors.
  22. I disagree w/ . The complaint record on the NYC cop who killed should be made public.
  23. Please support down-ballot Greens like , who's running for U.S. Senate in Colorado:
  24. ND represents a microcosm of imperialism + colonialism. Outside and inside our borders, we people must demand human rights & dignity
  25. Yesterday, President Obama​ gave one of his typical long-winded non-answers on the issue.
  26. I for people, planet + peace over profit. The is a clean-energy jobs plan.