Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can you say "hypocrite"?

Women Are the Backbone of the Standing Rock Movement

The protest continues as the Native Americans try to save Standing Rock.

Standing Rock protesters hold out against extraordinary police violence

The government response -- Barack Obama is the head of the executive branch of the US government -- is to threaten, bully and harm protesters. 

And as the government is doing this, lovely lashes John Kirby (US State Dept spokesperson) has the gall to Tweet this:

Can you say "hypocrite"?

ND is using the threat of disease & starvation & the refusal of medical services as a policy against its own citizens. Over oil.

And John Kirby has the gall to Tweet, 'Hey guys, it's Native American heritage month!!!'?

Does he think attacking Native American land and Native Americans is a way to honor heritage?

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