Saturday, November 12, 2016

Realities -- in the US and in Iraq

Note this Tweet:

The nightmares liberals have over Trump are nothing compared to the dictatorships they forced others to live under

Did you see the headline on ALJAZEERA?

"Spoiled Americans."

I'm so sorry that George Soros-funded fauxtests didn't work out the way you wanted?

They're ongoing and they're just embarrassing.

I'm not surprised that's how the Arab world sees these embarrassing gatherings.

Let's drop back to Thursday's snapshot:

Your stupidity is being broadcast around the world.

You are revealed as selfish bastards.

Yesterday, the protests took place.

Yesterday, Missy Ryan (WASHINGTON POST) reported:

The number of civilians killed by U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria is more than double the previous estimate, U.S. Central Command said on Wednesday, after reexamining its air campaign based on allegations from activist groups.

The announcement of 64 additional deaths brings the total civilian death toll in U.S. air attacks to 119 since the campaign against the Islamic State began in 2014, Centcom said. The command, responsible for U.S. military operations in the Middle East, is investigating other allegations.

You've been out in the streets protesting these deaths when?

Oh, that's right, never.

Because you're selfish bastards.

An election didn't go your way and it's to the streets!

Donald Trump will deport vast number of immigrants -- he's most likely going to focus on those with criminal records.  Hillary would have deported vast numbers.

Jill Stein wouldn't have, Jerry White wouldn't have, Gloria La Riva wouldn't have.

So maybe if this issue suddenly matters to you -- despite your inactivity throughout Barack's two terms -- you should ask yourself why you didn't work to build the campaigns of Jill, Jerry or Gloria?

The election didn't go your way.


[. . .]

You could have been helping the Iraqi people, you could have been helping the Palestinians, you could have been standing up for injustice.

Instead, you sat on your fat asses following the Twitter feeds of your pathetic and fake celebrities (every 'surprise visit' Miley Cyrus made at that dorm was pre-approved) and don't give a damn about the lives of people around the world that are being wrecked by US invasions, US wars and US policies.

It was all cool because Barack did Twitter and he went on Comedy Central.

You really are pathetic.

Michael Tracey gets it.

And how many people would be out marching if Hillary had won, in solidarity with the people of Syria, Libya, and Iraq?

You better believe psychopath Debra Messing -- failed actress, failed human being -- wouldn't be Tweeting about that, let alone protesting.

In Iraq, the operation to liberate or 'liberate' Mosul continues.

Day 26, FYI.

Don't call it a slog -- remember Elise Labbott will object!

It is a slog.

And it's far worse.

US-backed Iraq army crushes child under a tank amidst war crimes allegations.

Iraqi army crimes عاجل من الحشد يسحل طفل عراقي سني ويضعه تحت الدبابه ويقتله عار على من يسكت على هذا

1_Footage confirms Person ordering the Execution was wearing an Army uniform and badges

Where's Hannah Allem and all the over praises writers for McClatchy?

They didn't do crap but they sure took bows, didn't they?

KNIGHT RIDDER refused to walk lockstep with the march to war on Iraq.

Not McClatchy.

McClatchy existed for years and decades.

It didn't do a damn thing to question the supposed 'facts' presented by the White House and the Congress throughout 2002 and 2003.

It was Knight Ridder.

That chain was sold to McClatchy in 2006.

And Bill Moyers led the march to treat McClatchy like it was Knight Ridder.

McClatchy's been around since 1857.

The fact that it refused to stand up to the lies that led to the Iraq War goes to the fact that it is, was and remains a bulls**t organization.

Don't ever mistake McClatchy for Knight Ridder.  (Or that Hannah Allem ever did any great reporting -- she did not.)

And don't pretend that US outlets are suddenly reporting the truth on the Iraq War.

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