Sunday, December 25, 2016


Singer-songwriter George Michael passed away today.

Unlike the useless Debra Messings of the world, George actually used his fame for good.

George Michael refused to be ashamed after his arrest and he used his fame to try and hold Blair to account over Iraq. He was a badass. RIP.

When George Michael rewrote the lyrics to 'Faith' with to oppose the Iraq War in 2003

"Shoot The Dog" is no longer available -- original video -- in full online.  Too bad.  That was a powerful statement by George.

Instead of celebrities using their fame for Iraq and to stop war, the idiots like Alyssa Milano cry for war on Syria.  Pretend to give a damn about the children of Syria -- but they're just hungry for war.  And you know they're liars because they never say one word about Iraq.

Iraqi Sunnis refugees النازحين السنه العراقين يعيشون الان اوضاع كارثيه بعد المطر خيمه وغركت الله يكون بعونهم دعواتكم لهم

And as we've noted especially this week, the US-led war on Iraq tore the country apart.

So the George Clooneys and the Alyssa Milanos should really be focused on Iraq refugees.

They're suffering.

And they're suffering because of the actions of our government.

Take some accountability.

WFP Situation Report #43, 05 December 2016 -

crisis in one of the largest in the world; 11m ppl estimated to need humanitarian aid in 2017

Before you demand the next war, you might try finishing the current one.

question Where the Western media? 8 Iraqi Christians killed by Shia militias backed by Iran in their celebrations in

A number were wondering if various Iraqi officials would come out with Christmas messages because early yesterday they had not.

A number did release messages; however, only Ammar al-Hakim thought of optics and not just words.

  1. At the Mass! Sayed Amar Al-Hakim, Head of Iraq National Alliance attended at Baghdad churches last night

Ammar al-Hakim is the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and he's also now the leader of the Shi'ite National Alliance (largest collective Shi'ite political body in Iraq).

He didn't ascend to that position without grasping a few things about optics.

He stands a good chance of becoming one of Iraq's future prime ministers.

Iraq's current prime minister Tweeted words.

I wish our Iraqi people and especially our Christian brethren a Merry Christmas and pray that peace prevails throughout our lands

رئيس مجلس الوزراء الدكتور حيدر العبادي يهنئ الشعب العراقي والاخوة المسيحيين بأعياد الميلاد

My plan was to do a talking entry tonight.

I just don't have it in me.  I've even told THIRD I'm not working anymore tonight on their edition.

I'm very upset about George Michael's passing.

I didn't intend to post all the videos but it was something to do when I had nothing in me to type.

A few of you are asking about WHAM!?

I never pretended to George that I liked WHAM! -- it would have been hypocritical for me to post some of their videos.  They're a nice pop group but they didn't speak to me.  George as a solo act did.

I tried, with the above, to provide context to his talent.  He was a peer to the legends like Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin.

Like Donna Summer before him, he was an artist in the genre of dance music.  There are so many people recording dance music but so few who are actually artists.

George could hold his own opposite Jody Watley -- a Grammy winner in that genre.

And he could hold his own with the very soulful Mary J. Blige.

And he loved to cover Stevie Wonder.  Like below where he does an amazing job with "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)."

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