Saturday, December 24, 2016

Leading candidate for DNC chair running on Russia hysterics

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  • Leading candidate for DNC chair running on Russia hysterics. Good indication of where the Dem Party is at right now.

  • Holiday cheer -- Chatham, NJ
  • Someone print this out and put it in Hillary's stocking
  • Media will endlessly hype GOP divisions/turmoil while underplaying similar dynamics on the Dem side. They did it all throughout the campaign
  • Consider the massive national media attention that "faithless elector" Suprun of Texas received versus this gentleman (virtually none)
  • Nothing to see here...

  • Is any of this wrong?
  • "The Resistance" is really going well! You can get these stylish cutesy-font t-shirts for just $40

  • I had a great conversation w/ David Bright, the rogue Maine elector who voted for Sanders in violation of state law
  • I know how I'm celebrating...
  • How is Anthony Weiner celebrating Christmas this year?
  • Joey Boots is dead. Long live Joey Boots.
  • Consider The Elector: Moral Courage In Maine
  • They're only "enamored" as a function of partisan reaction to Democrats' deranged Russia fearmongering

  • Bright said he is willing to be a "guinea pig" for lawsuits challenging statutes that govern how Electors must vote. Lawyers, get in touch!
  • And yes, I misspelled "rogue." Sue me!
  • Very interesting chat. Bright acknowledges he committed a misdemeanor. Video drops out 15 minutes in, but audio's OK

  • Special edition chat! Talking now with David Bright, the rouge Maine elector who voted for Bernie