Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Russians did not create and lie about Hillary’s server (Larry Johnson)

Larry Johnson's website is NO QUARTER.  Besides appearing on television as a national security expert, he was also with the CIA.  This is from his "Unraveling the Russian Hack Conspiracy Propaganda -- DOUBLE UPDATE:"

Blaming Russia for Hillary’s flame out is absurd. The Russians did not create and lie about Hillary’s server. They did not force her to back the multilateral trade agreements, such as NAFTA and TPP. They didn’t set up the Clinton Foundation as a cash cow for the Clinton family. They did not force her to advocate imposing a No Fly Zone in Syria and having been a cheerleader for past wars, including Iraq and Libya. Vladimir Putin did not slip her a mickey and cause her to pass out at the 9-11 memorial, which fueled concerns about her health. And they did not infect her lungs and cause her to have extended coughing jags. They did not cause her to call Americans deplorables. They did not make her say that the coal industry should be shutdown. With that kind of record, coupled with her shrieking, screechy voice, why are folks surprised that she did not win? 
So now Democrats and several Republicans are in a lather over the Russians stealing the election for Trump. The list of conspiracy theorists pushing this nonsense include John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Angus King of Maine, Brent Budowsky and Adam Schiff. I defy anyone, to explain to me how Russian meddling gave Trump the win. 
 The realities are this. First, as noted in the Budowsky email, the Clinton campaign came up with the idea of accusing Trump of being a stooge of Russia. They thought they’d get political bang out of that. They didn’t. 
 Second, the hack of the DNC emails confirmed that the suspicions of many that the DNC and Hillary were collaborating to screw over Bernie and rig the election. That was not fake news. Cold, unwelcomed truth. That’s when this drum beat about the big, bad Russians started meddling in our election started. Why? To distract attention away from the ugly reality that the DNC and Hillary were cheating.