Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Isn't it time for ESPN to reign in Jane McManus?

Last year, Tom Ley (DEADSPIN) reported on ESPN's memo on political comments, ESPN was very clear about what could be said about presidential candidates -- including by ESPN on airs at their Twitter feeds.

So why does Jane McManus get to do whatever she wants?

Let's look at her most recent Tweets.

  1. New York, everyone.
  2. Hard to forget media failures during campaign when we're now living with the absurdist consequences every day.

  3. Proud to move with the this Jan 21st, raising my voice for honesty, truth, and compassion against injustice, lying and greed.
  4. This sadly tracks w/ what our society teaches girls about how to respond to misogynistic bullies who sexualize, objectify, and trash them.

  5. Scott Pruitt said he “hasn’t looked at the scientific research” on the dangers of lead exposure to kids.
  6. Chair: "Sen. Franken, you're a minute over" Franken: "you know, the Benghazi hearings were eleven hours"
  7. So THAT'S why my son is always having lockdown drills at school. Bears! I thought maybe it was the 200+ school shootings since 2012.

  8. This is a very good read: Lesbian college coaches still face difficult atmosphere to come out
  9. Starting now: not 1 but 4 nomination hearings for Pres-Elect Trump's . I'll be following all as best I can. You should too.
  10. The man you once knew as Jim Brown is no more

  11. ICYMI: Advocates of Title IX safeguards against campus rape are justly concerned about a DeVos, a Trump administration & harassment.

  12. Together, we rise.
  13. President Obama's election was a turning point in my life, I am finding that Trump's election is also changing the direction of my future..
  14. No mention of the proficiency/growth exchange, refers to "howls" of Dems when limited to one round of questioning.

Then they should explain how she comes off impartial.

This is not impartial and this is not sports.

She is not following the policy.

She is being partisan when ESPN is attempting to move away from that.

I'm not a Donald Trump supporter and I can see that what she's doing is wrong.

If they let her continue to do this then any other on air at ESPN can Tweet whatever they want without consequences.

The policy is not being followed.

And before someone tries to justify her reTweets -- she has nothing about reTweets not equaling approval.

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More to the point, every reTweet is a slam against Donald Trump.

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