Sunday, March 05, 2017

There were 55 mentions of "Russia," "Russian," or "Russians' today on MEET THE PRESS (Michael Tracey)

Some Tweets from journalist Michael Tracey.

  • There were 55 mentions of "Russia," "Russian," or "Russians" today on "Meet The Press"
  • Belief in the existence of the Deep State will now be cast as intrinsically pro-Trump, and everyone will get dumber
  • Bill Greider advises perpetually-hysterical liberals to "take a couple of Xanax" and step away from the Loony Bin
  • Crucial point here. With every media-stoked frenzy that ends up immediately collapsing, the media's reputation falls further into the gutter
  • If people haven't internalized this very blaringly obvious lesson yet, they never will.
  • Lindsey Graham bill to block Trump from taking measures to reduce tensions with Russia gaining Dem + GOP co-sponsors
  • A curiously-timed clarification...
  • I really wish this was an exaggeration, but it's not.
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    Me for many years: I wish my friends were interested in politics Now that all my friends are interested in politics: Oh this sucks actually
  • .........
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    A good review.of what we actually know. Tapping Trump? via
  • You have an open forum to air your grievances face-to-face. Come on, do it. Message me and we'll set up a time. (They won't.)
  • Reiterating my open invitation to Twitter trolls constantly peddling falsehoods about my views to engage me directly via live YouTube chat.
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    Well, I'm glad he has his eye on the ball.
  • So that's Dems' main audience at the moment: wary Republicans. May yield some short-term political advantage, but it's a long-term loser.
  • But the "unity" isn't especially deep. It can be ruptured as Trump's term wears on. Dems perceive Russia as the rupture-causing agent.
  • Trump mollifies the "Trump-tolerant" GOP by enforcing elements of their agenda, e.g. Obamacare repeal, which unifies the entire party caucus
  • We know the most outspoken examples: McCain, Graham, Sasse, perhaps Rubio. But there are more who prefer to keep their profile low.
  • There's a segment of the GOP that are better described as "Trump-tolerant" than "Trump-supporting." Those people are movable.
  • The logic is to undermine Trump by fraying his governing coalition, which entails pressuring GOP elites / allies in Congress to turn on him.
  • Russia obsession is a political loser, as the 2016 campaign demonstrated. But Dems' logic at present isn't centered on electoral strategy.
  • GOP elites are much more likely to abandon Trump over Russia than average GOP voters. That's the reason for Dems' emphasizing the issue.
  • I've gotten threats before but this one had a specificity that made it worth publicizing. Also, this one guy doesn't mean Dems are violent.
  • Looks like the guy deleted his account. By appearances (hard to tell based on tweets) -- some kind of Dem. People have gone totally insane.