Sunday, April 02, 2017

Jared Kushner's trip to Iraq prompts knee jerk reactions

Did you catch this?

Kushner in Iraq before the National Security Advisor or Secretary of State. Totally normal.

I'm not really sure when FOREIGN POLICY calls you an "asshole" in a headline that you're really up to the role of sitting in judgment on anyone else.

When the only thing that saved your ass was being David's brother, I don't know that you bring up the family ties of others on your Twitter feed.

Donald Trump's son-in-law is on an official trip to Iraq.

I don't get how that's a bad thing.

AP notes, "[Iraq's Prime Minister Hayder] Al-Abadi met with Trump and Kushner in Washington last month and said he had the impression that the Trump administration would take a more aggressive approach, although he did not say what that might entail."

Probably, it's easier for Ben Rhodes to Tweet about that then to Tweet about the following:

What would the embarrassment have to say about the civilian deaths?

We'll never know because he's never going to deal with reality.

Perhaps Jared Kushner can inquire why U.S. forces have killed a lot more Iraqi civilians after his father-in-law took office.

And maybe Teddy can explain why Democrats in Congress didn't try to end the Iraq War?

Why they didn't even bother to vote on it as Barack continued it?

Or is he just able to finger point and not to take responsibility?

You'd have more luck getting him to speak honestly about his corporate and oligarchy racket at UBS.

The nonsense that we attack everything Donald Trump does is getting old.

There are things to slam him for.

When you slam him for everything, you build up an immunity for him in the public which grows tired and weary of this sort of b.s.

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