Saturday, May 13, 2017

Corrine Brown's new career as a convicted felon

Corrine Brown begins new career as a convicted felon.

At the age of 70, former US House Rep Corrine Brown isn't ready to ride off into the sunset or sit back on a porch rocker.

No, she's blazing a second career as a convicted felon.

Hats off to the woman Nancy Pelosi insisted be House VA Ranking Member (instead of the qualified US House Rep and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran Tim Waltz) [disclosure, we endorsed Tim here for the post and railed against corrupt Corrine], she's proving life begins at 70.

Or she's at least proving prison life begins at 70.

Corrine's known for her sweet tooth and that might create some problems in prison; however, most assume Corrine will merely hide candy and other contraband under one of her many wigs.


Former 12-term Democrat Congresswoman was found guilty by a jury on 18 out of 22 counts of federal fraud today.

  1. Type of people in congress Corrine Brown guilty of taking $$$ 4 charity to poor students DemParty 4 Muslim taxes borders Obama C not 4 USA
  2. Corrine Brown Found Guilty On 18 Of 22 Charges [VIDEO]

So Corrine Brown, a dedicated soldier of the Clinton machine, was found guilty of stealing $800,000 from a fake charity? How unexpected!

  1. "Corrine Brown" just another Democrat robbing from the poor
  2. I hope the is asking for her to testify against Hillary for Less time, yes "Corrine Brown" will talk
  3. Dem Corrine Brown found guilty of taking 100s of thousands of dollars from charity but Hillary not charged for stealing millions from Haiti?
  4. Fmr. Dem U.S. Congresswoman guilty on 18 of 22 corruption charges facing more than 300 yrs in prison. 🇺🇸
  5. GUILTY! Hillary’s Friend Corrine Brown Now Faces 300+ Years In Prison!
  6. As a liberal I'm proud to say I'm glad former US Rep. Corrine Brown (D, Fla) was convicted of her fraudulent schemes