Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sarah Abdallah Tweets

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

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    Didn't stop her from pushing billions of dollars in weapons to this terrorist-funding Saudi regime when she was Secretary of State though.

  • These are the "moderate rebels" who are going to be empowered by Trump's new $460 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. Well done!
  • The 52 Syrian Shias recently killed and mutilated by ISIS in Hama are laid to rest. No MSM outrage about this horrific massacre at all. 💔🇸🇾

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    Remember when you burst out laughing at the death of Gaddafi, seemingly oblivious that you were to blame for starting a catastrophic crisis?

  • After 6 years of Al-Qaeda terror, and in spite of the destruction, Syrians hold their first prayers in a church in 's Zabadani. 🙏🏻 🇸🇾

  • Yet another reason to - He gives discounts on weapons to the Yemeni-baby-killing Kingdom of Terrorism.

  • Thank you for enlightening us with your brilliance Louise.
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    Why is Jared Kushner so interested in orchestrating this $110 billion arms deal to the family responsible for 9/11?
  • The dissemination of Trump-Russia has been a scheme of Hilary Clinton and her goon squad since December 2015. Astounding.

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    Anthony Weiner sent porn to child. He was investigated. FBI found 's classified emails on his laptop. No Russians needed!
  • CNN idiotically calls the domes of Russia's St. Basil Cathedral "minarets". CNN deletes its mistake. But we already took a screenshot 😁
  • Since Hillary's emails were on Anthony Weiner's laptop & now he's pled guilty in a child sexting case, shouldn't she be investigated too? 🤔