Sunday, June 25, 2017

DoD vs. CIA in Iraq?

A number of e-mails have come in about this topic:

Tillerson plans to remove Iraq, Myanmar from a U.S. list of the world's worst offenders in the use of child soldiers

I don't see the point.

In any of it, I don't see the point.

Child soldiers have been used in Iraq over the last 8 years.

We've noted it repeatedly.

It's not mattered.

So does it real many anything at this point whether or not Iraq is on some list?

I'd be thrilled if we could all share outrage over the use of child soldiers.

But that's not what's happened.

Whether it's on a list or not, is not among the big issues effecting Iraq.

It's like the Leahy Amendment -- it's not being enforced.

What was the point of it if no one was ever going to enforce it?

Yes, we get some grousing every now and then and that's about it.

Meanwhile, it's day  245 of The Mosul Slog.

This is not a video game. Federal Police Units engaged in urban warfare with militants in Old city.

And the slog continues.

A USAF Airman scans for Isis fighting positions near Al Tarab, Iraq during the offensive to liberate West Mosul, Operation Inherent Resolve.

Meanwhile, here's a view of the Iraq War the corporate media doesn't give voice to.

US oil wars in Iraq and have descended to the absurd, where Islamic State, a DoD proxy army, fights Peshmerga, a CIA proxy army.

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