Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hayder al-Abadi is a godfather?

Did Iraq's Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi just publicly announce he was actually the head of a crime syndicate?

ALJAZEERA reports, "Iraq's prime minister has rejected Saudi and UAE media claims that a $500m ransom was paid by Qatar to Shia Muslim armed groups in Iraq to secure the release of 26 kidnapped Qatari hunters, saying that the money was received by the Iraqi government and that the sum was still in the Iraqi central bank."  REUTERS adds:

"Not one dollar, or euro (...) was spent; they are still in their crates, supervised by a committee, and two representatives of the Qatari government came to check when they were deposited under the trusteeship of the central bank," he said.

The decision on how to dispose of the money "has a political aspect and has a legal aspect, it will be taken in conformity with Iraqi law," he said, without elaborating.

It's not Iraq's money.

How does Hayder think there's anything to decide?

It gets returned.

Unless, of course, Hayder's making it clear that the Shia militias who carried out the kidnapping were acting on his orders?

Is that what he's saying?

Meanwhile The Mosul Slog continues.

map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

Day 235 and still The Mosul Slog continues.

U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria

Series of immense explosions rocking the entire city of Mosul. Locals claim US B-52s dropping 100s of bombs on city..

Where are the objections?

Oh, that's right, The Hillary Clinton Temple Prostitutes can't let go of the 2016 election and are too busy masturbating to James Comey fantasies to speak out for humanity.

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