Saturday, July 29, 2017

And by 'heroism,' you mean backing every last illegal war . . .

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

  • Sure, Tilly. Nothing says "let's be friends" quite like economically destabilizing one's country with cruel and illegal sanctions! 🙄
  • Thanks to the US and UK fully backing Saudi Arabia's genocidal campaign to bomb and besiege into oblivion. 💔
  • And by "heroism", you mean backing every last illegal war & regime change operation the US has carried out over the last 40 years, right? 🙄
  • "Praying for my fellow warmonger McCain. He is my partner in destabilizing and sanctioning states globally." There. Fixed it for you Maddy.
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    Syria's Army and its allies have also reached Sukhnah, the last town held by ISIS in all of Homs Province. Big victories are on the horizon!
  • Great news! Syria's Army has entered Deir Ezzor for the first time in over 3 years. Onward to the liberation of the ISIS-besieged city! 🇸🇾✌️
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    Parties and celebrations in Latakia's Wadi Qandil. The other side of ignored by the MSM.
  • Syria's Homs University this week: Students can safely attend classes again thanks to the Syrian Army liberating their city from Al-Qaeda.
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    Le soleil se couche sur . Malgré la guerre, la Paix y règne d'une façon incroyable...
  • Syria's beautiful Lattakia today. One can only imagine the ruin if Hillary's Al-Qaeda buddies had overrun the city. Photos by
  • 1. CIA toppled Kiev's gov't 2. Crimeans voted to rejoin Russia 3. You armed Al-Qaeda in Syria 4. The US spies on the whole world 5. Be quiet
  • Congress imposes new sanctions on Russia. Russia retaliates against the economic aggression. Washington: How dare Russia fight back?!!!
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    My latest: It’s not a gas - time for Europe to stand up to US hawks on Russia
  • Do the US & UK, which sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars in arms, have a problem with their despotic ally beheading youth for protesting?
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    The rebuilding and reconstruction processes the concerts the people and the positive vibes, Syria this summer is ALIVE. ❤
  • "I Came. I Saw. I Failed."
  • This is what freed from terror looks like: Syrians flocking to enjoy the first and biggest summer concert in 6 years at the Citadel.
  • Let that sink in.
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  • You were backed to the hilt by Wall Street, Saudi Arabia, the neocons, Soros, MSM and Big Pharma but you still lost. That's "What Happened".