Sunday, July 16, 2017

Look who suddenly cares about Iraq

Look, THE DAILY BEAST just discovered that bombs were being dropped on Iraq.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump's air war is killing *12 civilians per day* in Iraq/Syria.

It took them long enough.

Bombs started getting dropped on Iraq in August of 2014.

Of course, Barack Obama was in the White House then so there were no reports bemoaning "Obama's air war."

It just took the changing of presidents for THE DAILY BEAST to give a damn.

The western press has to be the most whorish in the world.  They've taken to rehabilitating War Criminal Bully Boy Bush.  This Tweet remembers actual reality.

Going to guess this picture of an Iraqi girl whose parents were killed in front of her by American troops didn't make the list.

Meanwhile, RUDAW reports:

Sectarian tensions in Iraq’s Babil province are high where officials report Hashd al-Shaabi forces have threatened to kill Sunni Arabs residents in the north of the province if they do not the area within 24 hours. The Shiite force has denied the accusations, calling them baseless.

“The militias belonging to the Hasayeeb, Khurasani, Imam Ali and the Hizbullah have circulated leaflets in some areas of north Babil in which they have set 24 hours for the Sunni Arabs of these areas to vacate their houses and leave their areas or be killed,” an official from the Babil police said.

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