Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sarah Abdallah Tweets

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

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    Everything about John McCain summed up in one photo.
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    Replying to 
    Media are doing everything to demonize Russia. Take this BBC story about Jihadi recruiting. The subliminal Russian flag just an accident?
  • After Morgan Freeman, it's Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's turn to join the Russia hysteria. How desperate the neocon Deep State has become.
  • So that's what dropping 26,171 bombs on 7 countries in 2016 alone would be called. "A just and lasting peace". 🙄
  • This is how Saudi Arabia, which sits on the UN Women's Rights Commission, empowers women.
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    Saudi cleric claims women shouldn't be allowed to drive because they 'have a quarter of a brain'.
  • You mean the way the CIA has been undermining and overthrowing democracies around the world for some 60+ years?
  • On 193 countries no less, including your own allies. We know Barry.
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    We need to pass legislation that bars taxpayer dollars from supporting terrorist groups & their Gulf sponsors alike.
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    Saudi Arabia's disregard for human rights and democracy should disqualify them from receiving the military aid we have provided.
  • More than 85% of 's Deir Ezzor is now under the Syrian Army's control and the city will be fully liberated in the coming week! 🇸🇾 ✌️
  • The Morgan Freeman Propaganda Video Proves How Desperate The 'Deep State' Has Become.
  • Thank you Putin! Have a great time in hell jihadist scum! 😁
  • Obama admin spied on Trump, his team, journalists, Congress and more. And liberals have the gall to be on TV everyday yapping about Russia!
  • And these people are supposed to be trusted to conduct an impartial and thorough investigation on Russia?! Please!
  • So long as you support Saudi Arabia's barbaric repression at home and its genocidal war on Yemen, "restoring credibility" is a pipe dream.