Saturday, September 30, 2017


Wednesday, former US House Rep and 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney Tweeted:

What I'm watching now: The Second Assassination of JFK.

That is a very good film and Ruth wrote about it in "Great documentary."  Cynthia's now done a series of Tweets about the film.

  1. 10 most wanted: 1. Dan Rather; 2. Bill Moyers; 3. George Bush, Sr.; 4. President Barack Obama who failed to release the sealed documents.
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    Hey, he's got MY picture in the documentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!! Thanks, John.
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    Wow! "We've become the country where liars run for office and truth seekers run for their lives." John Barbour. Just wow!
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    Intellectuals for hire . . . Actors, reporters. It's sad. People readily believe liars and allow smears to destroy the truthtellers.
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    "No one on the planet to take the information to." Jim Garrison How true, how true: RFK assassination, 9/11, the lies of these wars, & more.
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    Singers, too?? Harry Connick, Sr. represented CIA asset Clay Shaw. Hmm.
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    The Zapruder film showed that Dan Rather had lied to the world about the JFK assassination.
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    "If they can't kill you, then they focus on discreditation." Jim Garrison Yeah, I know about that, too.
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    Mike Wallace went in for the kill against Jim Garrison . . . Operation Mockingbird stool pigeon.
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    There is no question that an element of the Central Intelligence Agency killed John Kennedy and the present Administration is concealing...
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    "They didn't just want to discredit Jim Garrison, they wanted him destroyed." Yeah, I know about that . . .
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    5. Harrison CSM 6. Joseph Alsop 7. Ben Bradlee 8. James Reston NYT 9. Walter Pincus WaPo 10. William F. Buckley 11. Reader’s Digest 12. more
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    According to the doc: CIA Paid Agents in the Media - Operation Mockingbird 1. 25 Newspapers 2. Bill Paley 3. Henry Luce 4. Sulzberger
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    I wonder how many today are CIA or other intelligence assets. Owners of NYT, WaPo, CBS--all company men.
  15. Gosh! Half the folks we looked up to on TV were there because they helped cover up the JFK assassination! John Barbour's Vimeo documentary.