Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The WSWS is covering the disaster in Puerto Rico--Help us do more

From WSWS:

The World Socialist Web Site currently has reporters in Puerto Rico, exposing the horrific conditions in the US territory three months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

Initial articles have documented some of the many tragic stories of workers and young people. Adelaida Montañez spoke to us about the death of her husband after the hurricane because he was unable to get medical care. Students talked aboutthe impact on public education and the shutdown of the university. Workers reportedwidespread power outages and the absence of any significant repairs to infrastructure.

The destruction of Puerto Rico is a crime of capitalism—one consequence of government indifference, social inequality, and the endless diversion of resources from the working class to the rich.

There are significant costs associated with the trip—for transportation, housing, and technical equipment. Please make a donation today to help finance it others like it.
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Joe Kishore for the WSWS
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