Saturday, March 03, 2018

Tor is in bed with the feds (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    Number of MSNBC broadcasts in 2017 on Russia: 1,385 Number of MSNBC broadcasts in 2017 on US-backed Saudi war in Yemen: 1
  2. On this date in 1991 the U.S. massacred Iraqi soldiers trying to flee Kuwait. Please read the article so you can see the photo of an Iraqi soldier burned alive while trying to escape. No one in U.S. media would publish it.
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    MONDAY 5 MARCH Join and his audience of experts for our hard-hitting debate on Russia’s forthcoming Presidential Elections
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    Tenants Sue New York City Housing Authority: ‘We Have Let Other People Speak for Us for Too Long’
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    The forgotten concentration camps in South Africa where the British sent black people during the Boer War. A minimum of 20,000 people died.
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    "The Original Cuban Giants." 1902.
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    Autograph seekers and Jackie Robinson of the . He changed the way we talk about race, society, and baseball. Here's Jackie's story
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    The person who committed the biggest election fraud in U.S. History should maybe STFU for a while before calling for WW3 to cover for being such a shitty politician that she lost to a political novice/game show host.
  9. George W. Bush unilaterally withdrew from ABM missile treaty with Russia. It has been down hill ever since. Remember that before you get hysterical about Putin's announcement of new defenses.
  10. This!
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    Sudan has more pyramids than any other country on earth - even more than Egypt
  12. Putin speech in a nutshell. “Don’t f**k with me.”
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    We connect gun culture to the obscenity known as U.S. militarism in this week's update. Read 👉🏿
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    A coalition of anti-war forces is threatening mass protests if Trump holds his $22 million military parade.
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    Hitler knew who Booker T. Washington was and thought black people were weak for allowing white people to lynch them.
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    Queen neocon sheds her human skin, emerging into full lizard form. War with Moscow is next on her agenda.
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    Replying to 
    That, and we need to qualify who "Russians" even are. This was a clickbait factory - post any and every political meme for the sake of generating apolitical ad revenue. Pretending this is purposeful Russian interference for Trump is beyond disingenuous, it's a goddamn lie.
  18. Russians spent $100,000 on facebook ads. Hillary had $1 billion. She should shut up. For real.
  19. So much for encryption. Tor is in bed with the feds.
  20. Einstein was a committed anti-racist. That is why he went to Lincoln U. So of course the FBI attacked him. A reissued book on the subject will be published in May with forewords by and
  21. So the photo I tweeted was colorized. Oh well. Albert Einstein received an honorary degree from Lincoln University, an historically black college in Pennsylvania, in 1946. He also gave a lecture to a small group of students.
  22. Freedom Rider: Why the Shooting Will Continue My take on American gunfire