Saturday, June 30, 2018

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley

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    This embrace from conservative punditry is highly suspect, and probably the opposite of good faith. The divide between progressive/DS and centrist/establishment Dems is vast and it makes sense for the GOP to further fray the tenuous ties that bind.
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    Alexandria Please don’t give Glenn the attention he’s wanting. This is your time. You owe him nothing. Focus. Prioritize. Don’t waste your valuable time. Honestly.
  3. No more tweets from you . Leave that to someone experienced who believes in your platform. Do you really need validation from the likes of Glenn Beck? Is this just inexperience or a real political problem?
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    More evidence that if you don't challenge the missteps of iconic progressives you'll never get them to change. Credit to and and good for Ocasio listening and acting...
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    The take from some implying that questioning the removal was purist paranoia is a bad one. Antiwar has disappeared from Democratic Party rhetoric almost completely in recent years, when it should be a first principle of a real progressivism.
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    Great! Corporate Dems will put a lot of pressure on her to sell out, just as they do to elected Greens.
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    Nancy Pelosi: This party will not succumb to Socialism. Millennials & Gen Z:
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    Now if she'll cool it with the Russiagate nonsense...
  9. Thanks to and everyone who asked about the disappearance of the Peace Economy platform from her website. It is back and I'm betting that it is because she was asked about it.
  10. Peace Economy platform is back on the website.
  11. “The notion that someone will secretly plan to work for peace while going silent or pretending to favor war until they are elected has very few examples to support it and thousands going against it.”
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    If the UK had a free and independent media, then the British people would be willing the Syrian Army on in its current campaign to liberate south-west Syria from the yoke of Islamist barbarism. The British and Syrian peoples have a common foe: Islamism.
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    MOD database lists 342 cases of alleged violations of int'l humanitarian law by its coalition bombing Yemen. Which it allows to be investigated by Saudis themselves. Such involvement in war crimes is unthinkable in a democracy but not in authoritarian UK.
  14. Cruel because racist.
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    NY Times reverting to the 19th century voice of ultra-imperialism explains the danger of the summit with Putin: "Trump has signaled his desire to withdraw American troops from Syria, a move that would leave the country more firmly in the hands of President Bashar al-Assad"
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    : The Army’s International Mine Action center conducted four unique, large-scale and complex: two of them in the architectural and historical complex and the urban part of , as well as in and Deir ez-Zor.
  17. Why do I love social media? Because I had never heard of until about 15 minutes ago. Now I can laugh at her clueless white privilege. And I congratulate the person who sent the clap back of clap backs.
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    Jennifer, Hon...please take a seat on the couch.
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    So now we see the latest move against the Green Party and our campaign. First loop us in as part of some grand Russia conspiracy and now suggest that it was our run that was responsible for Trump - a slick move by democrats. Reality is democrats & corporate media created Trump.
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    I will never apologize for giving the people a democrat choice outside of the two capitalist war parties. The problem with the U.S. is that it is not a democracy. The fight is for real democracy and people(s)-centered human rights. I am proud of role I played in 2016 election.
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    I mean, this is from 2006: "The Bush Administration has been quietly nurturing individuals and parties opposed to the Syrian government in an effort to undermine the regime of President Bashar Assad."
  22. I guess Shane Bauer missed the whole “Assad must go” craze started by Obama.
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    I'm sticking before anyone else, can't trust Dems no more! 😳✌️😊
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    The "intelligence community" concluded no such thing. A few agents, hand selected by Clapper, wrote up suggestions but provided zero evidence.
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    Makes me think the term “killjoy” came from someone who found- joy in killing. Being political mature is essential & thank you
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    Saudi Arabia bombed a bus full of innocents fleeing the war-torn port of Hodeidah in Yemen, killing at least 9 civilians and wounding 11 more. If this had been done by Assad or Putin, it’d be plastered across every single outlet of the mainstream media.
  27. now has the right to assign blame for chemical attacks. UK pushed for it. Pretext for attack on Syria in 3 2 1 ...
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    After a 82-24 vote at the the people who certified Iraq's 'WMDs' will now be able to have their accusations over chemical weapons rubber stamped; just as the UK-US funded plan another false flag CW event in .
  29. . How do you allow this flight attendant to kick 4 people off of a plane and leave them stranded? What are going to do about this? WATCH: ‘Irrational’ Flight Attendant ‘Unfairly’ Kicks 4 People Off Plane via
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    I don't know who is. But he is obviously not bright.
  31. Manafort's indictment has nothing to do with Russian government. But what do I know. I'm not on MSDNC.
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    Reality Winner bravely and ridiculously leaking nonsense non-evidence of nothing, and the reporter immediately accidentally blowing her cover is all exemplary of a stagger level of incompetence holding back actual resistance to fascism.
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    It's revealing that MoveOn, et al. are not escalating their demand to amnesty, or even to a moratorium on detention & deportation, after a "federal judge ruled against Trump's policy."