Saturday, June 23, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberly

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    For those taking offense when I point out that the Manafort charges have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign or collusion, here's Mueller appearing to acknowledge that the Manafort charges "have nothing to do with" the 2016 campaign or collusion
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    Liberals have embraced George Will, David Frum, Max Boot, and George Bush but still detest Ralph Nader.
  3. Why all the celebration because Michael Bloomberg is giving the democrats campaign cash? Democrats raise money. That is not their problem. The problem is that they refuse to campaign on the issues their voters want.
  4. Dear everybody, Don't celebrate George Will endorsing democrats. It is just further proof that they are in fact republicans now.
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    Wow! My copy of Dawn, later edition, has black woman on cover, but NPR story today said Butler was told early on by publishers that her work would not sell unless whites were on the cover. Still true, however, w/films & other works today.
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    We are not going to be able to stop war and imperialism without confronting the psychopathology of white supremacy.
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    I remember when the Star Trek comic book portrayed Lt. Uhura as a blond white woman. I was not happy about it.
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    Publishers and cover artists did the same thing with Ursula Le Guin's 1967 "A Wizard of Earthsea". The protagonist was the color of copper, his best friend was black.
  9. So happy that google doodle honors . But I remember this edition of Dawn had a white woman on the cover when protagonist was black.
  10. Jogger accidentally crosses U.S. border from B.C., gets detained for 2 weeks | CBC News French woman visiting Canada accidentally crosses border while jogging. Ends up in U.S. immigration detention for two weeks.
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    that's bcuz american ✌🏿education✌🏿is horseshit. and it's a scam. western capitalist imperialist propaganda.
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    Stalin begged the allies to open another European front but they instead focused on N. Africa and the Pacific. Churchill and Roosevelt were afraid of heavy casualties. To which I’m sure Stalin was like “I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN HENCE MY REQUEST”
  13. Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on this date in 1941. More than 20 million people died there before the Red Army emerged victorious. I was never taught that the Soviets were most responsible for victory in Europe.
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    This is the only known photograph of Frederick Douglass with one of his children. Here, he is pictured with his youngest daughter, Annie, who died in 1860 at the age of ten. IC: Southern University and A&M College
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    More than 80% Koreans strongly support the summit, more than 51% Americans even in a very divided country support, President Moon supports, and, I've not met a single ordinary American who oppose.Yet,Washington elite, media and pundits oppose. Very sad...
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    Naseh Shaker, a journalist with the Yemen Press Agency, has reported on the meeting, last night, at SOAS, University of London, where I and others discussed the depraved war which Saudi Arabia is waging against Yemen :
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    Before my speech at SOAS, University of London, I spoke with Al Mayadeen about the reasons as to why British mainstream media is apathetic about the catastrophic Saudi war on :
  18. Melania Trump is married to a maniac after all. Have pity.
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    On this day in 1943, a white mob of thousands attacked black residents of Detroit, pulling them out of cars & beating them unconscious. The mob set black-owned cars, homes & business on fire. Police assisted in the riots by opening fire on blacks, killing 25 & injuring 400.
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    So the British Museum has offered to loan stolen Benin Bronzes back to Nigeria. What an insult this is. Benin was actually razed by the British in 1897. The city was looted and most of the treasures remain in Britain to this day.
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    I was very pleased to be on this week talking with and about Gaza, censorship of Al Jazeera’s Israel lobby documentary, and Syria and the Palestine solidarity movement
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    Lol, the fucking doesn't even require an ID - what are you , your own country now?
  23. White supremacists planning in DC. Asked National park service for permit. BTW, Obama changed a rule and allowed fire arms in national parks. Just saying.
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    I wrote a check once, years ago. Since I learned they’re just another liberal Western propaganda organ, they’ll never receive another dime from me.
  25. Amnesty International and the rest of the human rights industrial complex assist imperialism again. Nicaragua is now a target.
  26. cries for immigrant kids. Does nothing for his own constituents.