Friday, September 28, 2018

The CIA Democrats in the US Midterm Elections

Over the past week, the World Socialist Web Site published several articles exposing the CIA Democrats in the 2018 elections. Today's perspective by Patrick Martin is a political summary of the midterm elections, and his earlier article, The CIA Democrats: A Balance Sheet of the Primaries, is a comprehensive overview of the Democrats running in the election drawn from the spy agencies and military. I'd also urge you to read and share another article posted today, Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Socialists of America Candidate, Covers for CIA Democrats.

This is the real nature of the Democratic Party. Ever since Trump's election, the Democrats have tried to channel opposition to Trump in the most right-wing direction possible. The conflict within the state is a conflict between two reactionary factions of the ruling class. The role of groups like the DSA is to give a "left" cover to this rotten political system.

Socialism will not be achieved in or through the Democratic Party or any faction of the political establishment, but only through a revolutionary movement of the working class, in the US and internationally, against the capitalist system and all its representatives. This is the perspective fought for by the Socialist Equality Party.

I'd ask you today to do three things:

1. Sign up to support the campaign of Niles Niemuth, the SEP candidate for congress in Michigan's 12th Congressional District. You don't have to live in Michigan to get involved in the campaign and donate to it.

2. Make the decision to join the Socialist Equality Party. If you are a student or young person, join the IYSSE.

3. Share the above articles and others from the WSWS as widely as possible on social media.

Joseph Kishore
SEP National Secretary
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