Sunday, May 12, 2019

Some Tweets from Mike Gravel

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    Here's the official Mike Gravel 2020 Campaign Launch Ad - "Rock 2.0" Join the to push American politics to the left and speak truth to power, send Mike $1 to get him on the debate stage: .
  • Mike Gravel stands in solidarity with the nurses of Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, who are striking for better wages, insurance, and decent schedules. We encourage all our supporters to support the nurses and staff in their brave stand.
  • Ilhan Omar is an American hero. You should challenge any presidential candidate who doesn’t say that outright.
  • Sen. Gravel was honored to go on to speak out against the coup in Venezuela. America is bankrolling death and destruction in a desperate attempt to install a business-friendly conservative - we cannot stand for it.
  • it's good to know that we need to find a compromise between "the world must flood" and "the world should not flood." real progress since noah's ark
  • Sen. Gravel on Pete Buttigieg and LGBTQ+ rights
  • "Like most human beings, I have no concrete principles or views about anything"
  • Best panel is definitely in handcuffs
  • It’s rare that we’ve faced problems as large as those we face today. And it’s rare that we find someone as hilariously ill-equipped to handle them as Joe Biden.
  • wrong year bud
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    "Who the hell are we to sanction anybody?" says .
  • If we do not fight for the rights of the most marginalized among us, we are fighting for nothing. Trans rights are human rights. Full stop.
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    Replying to   and 
    Retweet this if you think “The Reagan Battalion” is an AstroTurf group of failed boomer GOP strategists who think that maybe the blood of Venezuelan children will get their robotic boss Marco Rubio into office
  • How long will we continue to deny that the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination is simply a racist?