Sunday, September 22, 2019

Some Tweets from Bernie Sanders

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    79 million Americans are burdened by medical debt for the “crime” of getting sick. We’re going to eliminate all past-due medical debt.
  • The criminalization of marijuana has been a disaster for communities of color. We will legalize marijuana, expunge past convictions and invest revenue from legal marijuana back into those communities.
  • Medical debt does not exist in other major countries. When I am president it won't exist in the U.S. either.
  • There is no freedom without economic security. When we are in the White House, we will guarantee all of our people the right to a decent-paying job, a secure retirement, a good education, affordable housing, a clean environment and quality health care. Jo
  • My friend is right. We are not going to wait any longer for justice and basic rights. The time for a political revolution is now.
  • We have a corrupt criminal justice system where if you're a kid caught selling marijuana, you go to jail, but if you're a fossil fuel CEO who knowingly destroys the planet and harms thousands of people, nothing happens to you. That's a system I intend to change.
  • When your house is on fire, you don't worry about the cost of calling the fire department. It's time to do the same with health care. We will pass Medicare for All so no one will be afraid to call an ambulance due to the cost.
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    There are lots of kinds of debt that are immoral, exploitative and deeply unjust (and several presidential candidates are addressing that aggressively) but I could not agree more wholeheartedly with this: Medical debt should absolutely not exist.
  • This is an emergency: medical debt is ruining lives across the country. We are going to eliminate it. Content warning: suicide
  • Getting sick is not a crime.
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    Nina Dang was billed $20,243 by the Zuckerberg SF General Hospital after a bicycle accident. It's time to bc--and I cannot stress this enough--no one should go bankrupt from falling off their bike. has a plan for that:
  • Here is my promise: when we are in the White House we will fight to make sure that no one in America goes bankrupt because they got sick. We will . And we have a plan to do that.
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    The U.S is the only major country on earth where you can lose your house, car or have your wages garnished because you can't afford to pay a medical bill. That's unconscionable & unacceptable. When Bernie is president we're going to .
  • Eliminate medical debt.
  • In the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, one illness or disease should not ruin a family’s financial life and future.
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    Going to the doctor should never be the reason anyone in our country should be in debt. Our health and lives are priceless. Read plan to here:
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    Over 400,000 Iowans have past due medical debt. It’s time to lift them of that burden and
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    We shouldn't have to use gofundme to help our friends and neighbors get out from under medical debt, when we are in the White House we will . All of it.
  • We're going to . How would that change your life?
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    When my aunt got breast cancer, that should have been her only concern. Not paying for the $95k bill that came after her first round of chemo, or the bills that keep piling now that the cancer came back. We need to now.
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    The medical bills for my daughter's birth and NICU stay totaled over $100k, and they still follow me to this day. Time in the hospital should not mean decades of debt. That's why plan to is so necessary.
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    Medical debt should not exist. Here is ' plan to , new this morning:
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    Nearly half of Americans fear a major medical event could lead to their bankruptcy. That is unacceptable. Under Bernie’s plan to , they will never again have to fear of going broke from getting sick.
  • The largest share of medical debt is held by 27-year-olds who lose access to their parents’ insurance after age 26. We're going to and give people back their future.
  • We asked people to tell us their most absurd medical bill. The responses were unbelievable. We have got to end the disgrace of medical bills ruining lives. We will pass Medicare for All and .
  • One in six Americans has medical debt. When you get sick, you should focus on getting better — not dealing with debt collectors. We will eliminate all past-due medical debt in America.