Monday, November 22, 2004

Info and replies

I appreciate the e-mails and all the suggestions offered.

1) Some people have said they had to search around to find the e-mail address: and I'll try to include it in posts from time to time. Thanks B.E. for that.

2) Everyone had suggestions for the look and I'll be attempting to make some changes there (with my limited computer skills). T.A.J. had some good ideas.

3) In the Cut is a film I really love too. Again, the choice of ten DVDs was made by committee. I can't promise it would have come to mind but "Julia in Tulsa" (as you said you could be listed) it is a film that I think it one of the better ones to come out on DVD recently. To "T in Hell" I can tell you that Margret Cho's Revolution was debated on the list but the panel (four plus me) couldn't agree whether or not it should be included on the list. If it helps I have a copy and it always makes me laugh.

4) I e-mailed everyone who'd e-mailed this morning regarding posting replies. The input I've gotten back so far suggests that no one's comfortable posting. I'll leave the posts open to commentary through tomorrow and if everyone who is reading (thank you to those who are) prefers commenting via e-mail, I'll go ahead and shut down the posting replies option. I did not know that to post a reply on this site you had to register first.

5) Regarding the title of the posts, some good points were made. I will try to put specifics in the title and agree that, for archive purposes, doing that will make searching easier. I'll probably continue to open most entries with a song lyric (and "Julia in Tulsa," the Laura Nyro suggestion will be used this week, thank you for that). Opening that way, sets the mood for me.

6) The following books were suggested via e-mail to the list of twelve posted earlier.

* The Hammer by Lou Dubose & Jan Reid
* The Family by Kitty Kelley
* Black Box Voting by Bev Harris

besides the usual sources, all three are also available at buzzflash (