Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tsunami coverage in the Times

The following people deserve credit for their coverage (in the New York Times) of the human costs of the tsunami (from Thursday until today):

For Thursday:

Scott Eells (for Thursday's front page photo of a survivor in Indonesia)

Jane Perlez for Thursday's "For Many Tusnami Survivors, Battered Bodies, Grim Choices"

Tyler Hicks for his photo of a deceased person being carried through the rubble in Banda Aceh by Indonesian soldiers. (A very powerful picture.)

Elizabeth Becker for "U.S. Losses Raised to 36; 3,000 Cases Are Still Open" which deals with the numbers of Americans thought to be in the area when the tsunami hit. [Perlez's article was noted on Thursday.]

Scott Shane & Eric Lipton for "Solid Progress Reported in Relief Effort for Devastated Indonesian Area."

Thomas Crampton for "Death and Damage in Myanmar Are Now Believed to Be Relatively Light, U.N. Study Says."

Torsten Silz (Agence France-Press/Getty Images) and Christof Stache (Associated Press) for a photos of Gremans for a silence observation in memory of the victims.

Mark Lander for "Germany Mourns Its Dead as It Aids the Tsunami Survivors."

Scott Eellis for a photo of "an overcrowded hospital in Banda Aceh."

For Friday:

Sriyantha Walpola for a photo of "Thanaranjani, 28, swears she never let og of her 4-year-old daughter, who nevertheless perished in the tsunmi in Soranpattue, Sri Lanka."

David Rohde for "Tsunami's Cruelest Toll: Sons and Daughters Lost" adds to the power of the phot above. (And Rohde's story was highlighted Friday.)

Raymond Bonner for "Once-Critical Indonesians Are Grateful to U.S. for Aid."

Scott Shane and Raymond Bonner for "Annan Nudges Donors to Make Good on Full Pledges."

Tyler Hicks for his powerful photos of the destruction of Banda Aceh.

Sriyantha Walpola for her photos of mothers (such as Thanaranjani who was also pictured on Thursday) dealing with the loss of their children in the tsunami.

Scott Eells for his photo of Iabal Fernando (12 years-old) who lost both parents in the tsunami.

Jane Perlez & Evelyn Rusli for "Uncounted Costs: Legions of Orphans and Broken Hearts"

James Brooke for "Thais Use Heavy Equipment: Elephants Help Recover Bodies."

Jean Chung for the photo of the elephants that illustrates Brooke's article.

Alan Cowell for his article "For Swedes, Tsunami Evokes Sense of National Tragedy."

Rob Schoenbaum for his photo that accompanies that article.

Andrew C. Revkin for "Tsunami's Ripples, Unnoticed, Washed Along Atlantic Coast."

For Saturday:

Chang W. Lee for the photo illustrating the destruction surrounding a woman showering outside what was her home. Note, this is a powerful photo. Note also, this isn't a cheesecake photo, the woman is fully covered. There's something about the very basic act of showering juxtaposed with the surrounding destruction that makes this photo very powerful.

David Longstreath (Associated Press) for his photo of bodies in a mass grave.

James Brooke for "2 Visitors Ask, How Can They Leave Without Their Son?"

Scott Shane for "Powell, Praising Relief Effort, Views Sri Lanka Devestation."