Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Your comments on Why Are We In Iraq?; Interesting Times; and Science And Politics

Sixty of you have e-mailed the link we provided to Why Are We In Iraq? (http://whyareweback.blogspot.com/2005/01/who-does-kos-work-for-what-does-he.html), all positive.

Jim: "I loved it! More, more, more!"

(It would help to e-mail the person who runs that blog, but I'll try to send a copy of this e-mail to the site tonight.)

Dona: "Gotta' love an authentic voice!"

Elaine: "Yes, I did enjoy it. I keep waiting for truth telling. I e-mailed that to five people. I hope everyone checks it out."

Erika: "I liked the post. But I liked how it tied into what we were already discussing which is we don't need gatekeepers on the left. That's what this Kos is trying to do. And that's what the three complaining about Interesting Times were doing. Their feelings are understandable because we are against Simon Rosenberg. And it must have been shocking for them to click and find that. I can understand that and I can understand the reaction. But people had asked for the link, had noted the link. For three people to insist that because someone disagrees about something they must be banished seems overly harsh to me. This isn't a case where we are talking about the war. We're talking about a DNC post. And it's something to get passionate about. But when we get passionate we must allow others to be equally passionate if they want to be. That said, I do agree that finally electing to comment on something when it's almost a month old does not show leadership. A leader leads. Rosenberg followed."

Beth: "I felt you overplugged Interesting Times today. I did, however, go there and I did enjoy it."

????: "Interesting Times needs to stay linked. If we put up a link and then drop it, what does that say about us? You're great, you're wonderful, we love you and uh, uh, who are you again?
He said some kind things about Simon. Maybe Chris is a kind person? I loathe Simon. I don't loathe Chris. If someone ever wants to suggest that a link be dropped or a source not be quoted I feel they should have to be willing to go on record or else say nothing."

Kara: "Three people have an opinion. We should listen to them. They belong to the community. But allowing them to be heard does not mean we have to then say, 'You get your way!' I've been a member for sometime. I don't believe that gives me the right to unilaterally dictate what happens. I do believe that a member, new or old, has a right to be heard. Beyond that, the community decides. I don't think we ever pull a link. If the person ends up plugging Bush, I'd say keep the link even then. There was a reason they were linked to. If they go over to the dark side, leaving the link would remind us all of the need to remain steadfast. Interesting Times doesn't disgust me. If it did, I would ignore the link. I'm really bothered by the fact that some people want something to happen but they want it to happen outside of the community's view. That's what they are doing when they don't want to be quoted and they don't want to be named but they want the blog link pulled."

Gary: "Leave the link. If someone wants to say something, let them be willing to say it. If you've got a problem, it's one thing to e-mail. If you've got a problem and expect it to be solved when it effects everyone, you need to be willing to air it in public or shut your pie hole."

Gina: "From Oprah moments to Survivor talk! 'The tribe has spoken!' I knew you watched TV. Oprah has her Gail, you need your Interesting Times. The link should stay."

I've never watched Survivor. I did see the animated Republican Survivor this summer online and enjoyed each installment. (Though I was upset when Katherine Harris was voted off because they had a character with her. Ann Coulter was just boring. Harris is more of a visual cartoon.) (My opinion.) Seriously, NOW with Bill Moyers was the last programming I watched on TV. I do watch DVDs on my TV. If I watch CSPAN, I watch it online. I also watch Democracy Now! online.

Joe: "I'm not going there because I don't like Simon Rosenberg but my life doesn't end because of a link."

Rob: "Did Sue stutter, or did you?"

I did. I was upset (as I'm sure is obvious). I've already heard from Sue about the extra I in her quote. I'll change that (and anyone else whose quote I got wrong) but I'll leave my errors in place. (And there are many.)

Fight for Peace: "SimRo is disgusting. I can't imagine anything nice about him to see. But if Anderson saw something, maybe he's a better person. I like Interesting Times. And I really love Why Are We In Iraq? Is no one commenting on Science And Politics? I'm feeling like everyone's getting asked to dance but that site."

Molly had e-mailed about that site on Monday but I only got an e-mail to quote today.

Molly: "I'm really enjoying it [Science And Politics] but honestly feel like I'm a kid on the stairway listening in on my babysitter's study session. I'm new to almost everything being discussed."