Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show reports from Crawford, Brazilian Girls, People's Economic Summit, Bernadette Taylor, Ali Rahnoma and Varda Burstyn

The line up for The Laura Flanders Show (thanks, Martha):

This weekend on Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
Saturday, August 13
Who are today's Winter Soldiers? A frontline Iraq war protest report from Crawford, Texas with- Gold Star Families for Peace parents Bill Mitchell and Nadia McCaffrey- Jan Barry, co-founder of Vietnam Veterans Against the War- Then we will speak to 'melting-pop' dance-pop group BRAZILIAN GIRLS- And hear a live report from the Willie Mae Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls

Sunday, August 14
We will hold our own 'People's Economic Summit' and hear what workers across the country think about our economy:- Bernadette Taylor, a Computer Program Developer from California- Ali Rahnoma, student at San Jose State University
- Then, VARDA BURSTYN, author of 'Water Inc.' will tell us the real (and scary) truth behind governmental privatization schemes.

I know I don't have to "sale" the community on Laura Flanders. In fact, I received more e-mails from upset members this week when I didn't note one day that she was filling in for Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder on The Majority Report this past week then I have on anything else. (It wasn't up at the AAR home page that day or it would have been noted.) But I also know it's been a busy week and some of you have children either back in school or soon to be back in school, it's hot everywhere, go down the list. (Or lists.) So I won't to really stress that Sunday's show is a must listen to for me. The issue of the privatization of water is one that's had effects all over the world and it's one that we think (if we're aware of the topic) that it's not anything that will effect us. That is so very wrong and do yourself a favor and listen.

Looking at Kyle's e-mail, I doubt that plug is needed because he's overjoyed that he's going to get "nine consecutive days of Laura Flanders!!!!!" I count five exclamation points in that. Not everyone used five but the e-mails are all full of praise of Laura Flanders sitting in for Janeane Garofalo (who was taping West Wing) and Sam Seder (whose wife, Nikki Seder, gave birth this week). If you missed any of The Majority Report, remember that you can hear the archived broadcasts at Air America Place.

(And that's how I listened during the week because I wasn't home while it was broadcast. I still need to find time to listen to Friday's broadcast which Edna thinks was the best of the week with "Laura asking for accountability and visibility from everyone including Democratic officials!")

Nine days of three hour broadcasts live. Some members (like Kara and Doug) pointed out that on election night, Laura Flanders was one of the people participating live and then turned around and did the live, overnight broadcast. (Doug says she was "amazing.") The Laura Flanders Show is a community favorite and I'll note that Melody e-mailed to say she'd never listened on the weekends so she got her first exposure to Flanders this week while she was filling in for Garofalo and Seder and "okay, I'm a convert now, I will be listening." Hopefully, her substitute duties this week was heard by people like Melody who'd missed the weekend show and will now be listening.

Remember, you can listen over broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio or listen online.

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