Friday, August 12, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews

It's Friday and the Chat & Chews will soon be upon us. All shows air on Sunday (or should), check your local listings.

We'll start with ABC's This Week.

Lance Armstrong, Seven-time winner, Tour de France
Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq


Joining the Brothers George will be "Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International, ABC News' Martha Raddatz." The topics will be:

. . . shifting American opinions about the war in Iraq, the administration's mixed signals about the duration of the U.S. troop deployment there, and this week's constitution deadline. The looming nuclear threat in Iran, and this week's Israeli pullout from Gaza will also be on the table.

As surely as you can expect George Will (he's the older twin) to show up in a bow tie, you can count on him to grimace and derail the topic. If the ratings continue to flounder (and they do), ABC might want to rethink the Brother Will?

Why do we always start with NBC's Meet the Press? That's a question Bonnie had. Because NBC's Meet the Press knows their line up the soonest. Bonnie wondered if I was endorsing Meet the Press by placing it first and the answer is no. Nor am I endorsing CBS' Face the Nation by putting it last. (Which actually would be more likely for me if I were doing an endorsement.)

So what's coming up on Meet the Press?

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq
Ranking Member, Foreign Relations Committee
Washington Post Columnist
National Review

Roundtable topic?

. . . will have insights and analysis on the political ramifications of the war in Iraq, the sparring interest groups surrounding the John Roberts nomination, and the big news in New York politics: a new challenger for Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

Insights and analysis? They're so hopeful each Friday. I'm reminded of a Joni Mitchell song.

After the rush when you come back down
You're always disappointed
Nothing seems to keep you high
Drive your bargains
Push your papers
Win your medals
F**k your strangers
Don't it leave you on the empty side

("Woman of Heart and Mind" written by Joni Mitchell, on the album For The Roses.)

Now for CBS' Face The Nation:

CBS Evening News Anchor Bob Schieffer
War in Iraq; Democratic Party; Politics
Howard Dean
Chairman, Democratic National Committee
John Harris
The Washington Post

If I had to watch, the question that's so popular, which one would I watch? If a gun was to my head, I'd choose Face The Nation for the same reasons stated every week, it's only a half-hour, and it's a little more serious in it's approach (I'm sure the Russerts are very impressed that Timmy can josh and joke onscreen but as a viewer, it does nothing for me). Watch one, watch all. Or watch none and just check out Bill Scher's Liberal Oasis Monday to find out what happened (without grimacing and without commercials!).

Thanks to Jess for inserting a link I wrongly thought was in the post immediately prior. Thanks to Jess and Ava for all their help this week. I've got one of those "thought pieces" that members have been requesting but I'm holding it until tomorrow. I'm hoping that with some rest (and hopefully without the huge headache I currently have) there will be no need to post it.
But this is going to be it for tonight. (Shirley checked to see if Air America Radio had their weekend schedule up and they don't yet. Thank you Shirley.)

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