Friday, August 05, 2005

NYT: "Novak Uses Expletive and Stalks Off Live CNN Program in a Huff" (Jacques Steinberg)

Robert D. Novak, the syndicated columnist whose unmasking of a C.I.A. operative touched off an investigation about a possible leak, stalked off a live appearance on CNN yesterday afternoon after James Carville, the Democratic strategist, accused him of trying to make a particular point "to show these right wingers" that he had "backbone" and was "tough."
The moderator of the program, Ed Henry, later said on the air that he had warned Mr. Novak that he planned to ask him "about the C.I.A. leak case."
"Hopefully, we'll be able to ask him about that in the future," Mr. Henry said.
That opportunity may not arrive soon. About two hours later, a spokeswoman for CNN, Laurie Goldberg, released a statement saying that the network had "asked Mr. Novak to take some time off." Asked later in a telephone interview whether Mr. Novak was being suspended from his work at the Cable News Network, Ms. Goldberg said, "We're characterizing it as a mutual decision."

The above is from Jacques Steinberg's "Novak Uses Expletive and Stalks Off Live CNN Program in a Huff" in this morning's New York Times.

Randi Rhodes listeners heard about this tape (and the audio of the snit-fit) yesterday. As Rhodes noted, the show went on as though nothing had just happened (according to Rhodes, Novak kicked a trash can as he walked off the set).

Rod e-mails to pass on that the scheduled topic for today's Democracy Now! is:

Fri, August 5:
*Saturday is the 60th anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima. We bring you the stories of reporters who documented the horrors of the atomic bomb, and those who stayed silent in the face of U.S. government pressure.
*Activists around the country are taking part in national days of remembrance and action. We'll get a round-up from sites central to the U.S. nuclear arsenal -- Los Alamos National Laboratories, Livermore Nuclear Labs, the Y-12 Nuclear Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and the Nevada test site.

And let me note Ava & Jess's entry that they did here last night:

Ava and Jess here and we're doing this entry together. Last week, we received an e-mail about an upcoming Cass Elliot collection and would have been happy to link to it but it's only come out this week.
It's entitled The Solo Sessions 1968-1971 and it's a double disc set ($39.98) offered by Hip-O Select. There are 5,000 copies so if you're interested, you should consider checking it out.

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