Sunday, September 25, 2005

NYT: Michael Janofsky's "Antiwar Rallies Staged in Washington and Other Cities"

I'm tired and have had no sleep. We're on a break and I grabbed the paper Jess' father brought back with him. Page ten, not page 14 as the front page wrongly says! is where you'll find the "Antiwar Rallies Staged in Washington and Other Cities." It's by Michael Janofsky. I'll read it through it quickly.

"Vast numbers." People at the D.C. rally were told, by police, that it was 100,000. I didn't even know Ramsey Clark was there. (It lists Jesse Jackson, Jessica Lange, Ralph Nader and Cindy Sheehan. I heard all of them speak. I don't know where I was, probably interviewing someone, when Clark spoke.) Other than the Clark detail, I'm not seeing anything I didn't already see in person. (They cover the San Francisco protest which I have heard nothing on, so I can't comment on that.)

This is an article that's credited to Jaofsky and "contributed by" two reporters in D.C., one in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles. Unless I'm missing something, there's nothing on LA in the story (other than noting that protests took place). So three people in D.C. and barely any coverage? Are they planning to do more on Monday? (Probably not.)

Adam Liptak should have an interesting article in the paper but I don't have time to hunt it down now. We'll note it later if there's time for more on the Times.

Here's what's going on currently.

Over a thousand people at the rallies were spoken to. We argued and debated and argued some more about who was being included. We agreed on 100 voices. We got the damn thing done. We got to post and the whole thing's lost. And no one saved it. So we've had to start over which means the same arguments all over again. (Argument may be too strong a word but I'm tired and so is everyone else.) We're now agreed on 44 (plus 100 -- we all agreed on the voices we'd go out on, that wasn't a struggle). Everyone's tired. Those who could go to sleep, long ago went to sleep. Jim's still at it, Ava's still at it, Dona, Jess, Ty, Elaine and Mike. Oh, Tracey (Ruth's granddaughter). I'm not making any promises for today regarding the site. We may only do one entry on reporting from outside the US mainstream. If that's the case, it will focus on Iraq.

If time permits or a fourth wind (I passed the second hours ago) kicks in, I'll delve into the Times, I won't ask anyone to participate because everyone needs to grab some sleep before today's activities. Isaiah's here. He crashed about an hour before the post was lost. I told him then, when I thought I'd be asleep by now, that there wouldn't be a The World Today Just Nuts because I just wanted to go to sleep. He was fine with that, it will run on Monday.

If I've left out anything, I'm not surprised but I am sorry. The Third Estate Sunday Review is what I'm focusing on now. Ava & I have half a review completed. We will complete it. Right now, we're all focused on finishing the 100 voices. There will be a copy & paste entry here right after this goes up.

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