Friday, September 30, 2005

Posts are about to start

We'll do the Sunday Chat & Chews and Maria's running down Democracy Now!'s Headlines, but before I copy and paste that, a number of e-mails are asking how I can be so casual about the disappearing posts.

I'm not. But I'm not expecting much from Blogger these days. I was furious when friends began calling and telling me the posts had disappeared. I was angry when I went into the e-mails. When I found Pru's copy & paste of the editorial, I was less concerned.

Is it frustrating? Yes.

Last weekend was frustrating.

I'm not really in the mood for Blogger but it helps that I don't expect a whole lot from it.

Kat has a different take. She worked two hours on an entry only to lose is when she tried to post and was instead asked to "sign in." That's nonsense and Blogger needs to address the problem.

I spent a half hour on the phone with Kat. She's really upset. (Hopefully less so than when she called.)

She doesn't have a lot of time. She didn't have time to give two hours tonight only to have some stupid program error of Blogger's void her entire entry.

That's nonsense.

But I'm used to it.

It happens too often now to get too upset about it.

I also know Blogger won't reply to e-mails even when you're told to contact them (told in a message while you try to post). So I don't have a lot of expectations.

For someone like Kat, it's different. She's never had this kind of problem. She also attempted to blog earlier in the week only to be caught with that "down for maintance" that they did again this afternoon.

You can get really mad about it (and I'm not dismissing Kat's feelings) or you can face the fact that it's not reliable and that you won't be helped.

I've twice now figured out how to fix a problem for The Third Estate Sunday Review's site. Both times they were told to contact Blogger support. Both times no reply ever came.

The point in noting the above is to explain that I wasn't pleased this morning when four posts disappeared. (I wasn't pleased when Isaiah's comic and Ruth's repost disappeared Monday either.) But I don't expect much from the program anymore.

The second point is to make sure people understand that there are problems. There are many good reasons, if you're thinking of starting a site, to go with Blogger. But there are also problems and bugs and you need to know that and know that you are own because Blogger support, in my experience and that of members with their own sites, doesn't bother to reply these days. ("These days" because early on, Blogger support did reply to questions I had. They were actually helpful.)

Is it frustrating? Yes, it is. But it's nothing that you have control over. Consider yourselves warned.

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