Saturday, October 08, 2005

Air America Radio this weekend: Joseph Kennedy, James Yee, Loretta Napoleoni, Ralph Neas, Laura McPhee, Jacques Leslie, Gitanjali Guiterrez ..

From the Air America Radio home page, here's the line up for this weekend. Note that Ecotalk has switched to Saturdays.

Saturday 12-1pm ET
We’ll hear from the Alliance To Save Energy’s Lowell Unger on why W’s recent request for Americans to drive less is not going to get us where we need to go, and what you can do about getting CAFÉ standards out of "stall" mode in the legislature. We’ll also meet author Jacques Leslie to hear about his new book,
"Deep Water: The Epic Struggle Over Dams, Displaced People, and the Environment" about the destructive power of dams - and the truth about Clean Coal from N.R.D.C. policy expert, Dave Hawkins. And last but not least, meet three young eco-activists, recipients of the David Brower Youth Awards.

Ring of Fire
Saturdays 5pm-7pm ET. Rebroadcast Sundays 3pm-5pm
Yet another dangerous defect in Fords: a cruise-control mechanism that catches fire, even when the car isn't running. After recalling the part years ago, Ford later installed it in other models. Mike talks with attorney
Mark Chalos, who is representing the family of a four-year-old girl killed in a house fire started by one of these defective Fords.
Hope on the automotive horizon: Bobby talks with entrepreneur
Felix Kramer about the plug-in hybrid, which would add a rechargeable battery to the existing hybrid engine. The energy savings would be the equivalent of paying $1-a-gallon at current gas prices. Kramer is founder of the California Cars Inititiative.
Is the oil industry using the hurricanes as a pretext to gouge us at the gas pump? Bobby does the math and follows the money with his brother Joseph Kennedy, chairman of Citizens Energy Corporation, which provides low-cost heating oil to low-income people. Joe notes a little-known fact: the U.S. Treasury is one of the big beneficiaries of oil industry profits, thanks to royalties from drilling on federal lands.
Halliburton isn't the only winner in the Iraq war. Bush's folly has helped Islamic militants unite as never before. Mike talks with terrorism expert
Loretta Napoleoni, author of "Insurgent Iraq: al-Zarwawi and the New Generation."
The Pap Attack: Bush's House of Cards

The Laura Flanders Show
Saturdays and Sundays 7pm-10pm ET
Can Bush bounce back?
JANET ELLIOTT, reporter with The Houston Chronicle on why the Right is in such a frenzy over Harriet Miers. Then GITANJALI GUITERREZ from the Center for Constitutional Rights and CHAPLAIN JAMES YEE, who was wrongly accused of espionage tell us about the hunger strike in Guantanamo Bay. And ROXANNE KAYLOR, who is featured in a PBS documentary called "A Family At War" on how she and her husband Mike, who believes in the war, are coping with the loss of their son, First Lieutenant Jeff Kaylor.

The Kyle Jason Show
Saturdays 10pm-Midnight ET
This Saturday night, join Kyle Jason as he talks to musician, songwriter, and bandleader
JC Hopkins about his new group, The Biggish Band. JC has been a critical darling in the underground scene on both coasts and in several musical incarnations, including guitar-slinging folksinger, frontman for a power-pop trio, pianist and songwriter, and now, leader of The Biggish Band. His songs have been covered by artists such as Norah Jones and Willie Nelson, and following his eclectic and critically lauded solo debut, Athens by Night, Hopkins is back and leading a group of musicians with chops to match his own, including lead vocalist Queen Esther. Be sure to tune in and catch this rising talent as Kyle talks to JC about his background and influences, and plays tracks off The Biggish Band’s debut album, Underneath A Brooklyn Moon. Also, be sure to call in and share your stories of inspiration with us in the Tell Me Something Good segment!

Mother Jones Radio
Sundays 1pm-2pm ET
This Sunday on Mother Jones Radio we're cutting through the blather on the Tom DeLay indictment. What exactly is he charged with? What's the evidence? Is his defense credible? And who IS Ronnie Earle? And: the co-author of
BLACK RAGE is back, with MY AMERICAN LIFE: FROM RAGE TO ENTITLEMENT. Dr. Price Cobbs, on his life, black self-identity, and racism in the post-Civil Rights era.

Politically Direct
Sundays 2pm-3pm ET
It's a topical storm this Sunday on Politically Direct when David Bender welcomes
People for the American Way President Ralph Neas, who offers his insight into Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court; 2001 New York City Democratic mayoral nominee Mark Green, who handicaps this year's mayor's race; and filmmaker Steve Rosenbaum, whose just-released documentary Inside the Bubble has already sparked controversy for its candid, behind-the-scenes look at John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign.

The Laura Flanders Show
Saturdays and Sundays 7pm-10pm ET
If Bush can’t bounce back, who pays the price? Linda Couch, Deputy Director of
National Low Income Housing Coalition and Brenda Dardar Robicheaux Principal Chief of the Houma Nation in Louisiana on the post Katrina housing crisis. Then, Jonathan Kozol author of the book, The Shame of the Nation: Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America, on the racial disparities in our educational system. Plus journalist and activist Laura McPhee tells us how she exposed Illinois Republican Senator Patricia Miller plan to make marriage a requirement for motherhood in her state!

The Revolution Starts...Now
Sundays 10pm-11pm ET
This week on The Revolution Starts Now, Air America's own
Sam Seder talks with Steve and plays some of his favorite tunes from the 1990's and the 1920's. Sam Seder has been a comedian, actor, writer and producer for television and film. He is currently working on a book to be published early next year and is the cohost of The Majority Report right here on Air America Radio.

On the Real
Sundays 11pm -1 am ET
Today On The Real, Public Enemy Founder and Hip Hop Legend, Chuck D and his co-host Giana Garel invite "Dam," the first Arabic Rap Group from the middle east to the Air America Radio studio. The group has been creating and performing hiphop music since 1998. Plus, publisher and editor of Toure Muhammad stops by to tell the dynamite duo about his website and his writing.

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